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Happy Monday everyone! Phoebe is exhausted from her 2 days in a row of blogging.


Today we have a Chewy # Sponsored review. We were not compensated, but we did receive the product free in exchange for a fair review.

I have been looking for a different litter instead of the clay one we currently use. I would love one that doesn’t need scooping every 5 minutes ( really, in the morning, it can be every 5 minutes). Simple Solution 30 -Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter comes in a 15  pound box that is supposed to last for 30 days. I assume that means for one cat.


Unfortunately, the minute I opened it, I knew I was going to have a problem. It has a strong scent and like many other scented litters, I got an immediate headache and started sweating. I agreed to review it though so I put it in the box in the room with Polar Bear and his 2 wives ( Noel and Tallulah). They still come down to visit, but they seem to like their on space. And being that it is upstairs, I am not exposed to it as often.

litterIt is a pretty shade of pink. I couldn’t help but think the Trout Talkin Tabbies should get some to make their “art” sculptures. It did seem to work well in that the urine went to the bottom instead of clumping.

If you like scented litters then I would recommend this, but if not, then stay away. I always worry that my cats aren’t going to like cleaning their paws with that perfume scent from the litter. Right now it is on sale for $18.60 for 15 pounds with free shipping on orders over $49. Here is the link for Simple Solution on Chewy

Today is Polar Bear’s turn to get his thyroid recheck-update tomorrow.





  1. Certainly nothing for my cats, they use simple litter which makes clumps and that’s very practical. I buy it at Aldi’s and it’s very cheap !

  2. Hope the thyroid check goes well………I always worry about that when I take Sam in for his 4 month checkup! As for scented litter – we don’t like them either. Sam will — USE scented litter but he PREFERS non-scented (as do we!).

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

    1. Thyroid went well 🙂 I hope to not have to go to the vet now until the new year. XO

  3. We won some of that litter last year and ended up mixing it with the litter we were using at the time. I don’t like strong-smelling litters either as they tend to trigger my asthma. Now that Lita has been diagnosed with asthma, we have to be careful about what kind of litter she uses, too.

    I hope everything goes well with Polar Bear today!

    1. I can see this stuff would be awful for asthma. Polar Bear is all set for 4 months 🙂 Thank you.

  4. Glad yous had kitties dat wuld use it. Weez gunna be reviewin’ it too, and ours looks da same as it did when mommy furst put it out. MOL And amazinly mommy didn’t smell any purrfume but da dust was pawful.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. I am surprised your Mom could not smell it, it was upstairs and I could smell it from the first step. XO

  5. dood….manee thanx for yur honest ree view…..we due knot like smellz with R litterz either ~~~all de best two ewe two morrow…. when ya go two de place we willna talk a bout…..N buddy…two wivez !!!! who new !!!! awesum ~~~~~~ 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥ { sew…can ya telluz how manee grand kids !!! 🙂

    1. Polar Bear has no kids that we know of, but I did find him on the street and he wasn’t fixed until I got him so he may have lots of them. He does love his 2 wives though 🙂 I guess you don’t want to use this pink litter for your art. 🙂

  6. Toby and the felines don’t seem to care about whether the litter is scented or not – but mom says there’s nothing worse than flower-smelling poop! Sorry it didn’t work out so well. Hope all is well with Polar Bear!! Love LadyBird

    1. I agree with your Mom. Polar Bear is good -thank you 🙂 XO and lots of love.

  7. Yes, some scents can be overwhelming. Which is a shame because cats aren’t that crazy about scents, only the humans. And we all know what happens when a cat doesn’t like something. 🙂

    1. I am sure if we smell it, the cats can smell it even more 🙂 Yes, they think outside the box when they don’t like what is in it.

    1. 40 pounds for $10 sounds good. We have Tractor Supply in the next town, I need to check that out.

    1. That wouldn’t be good for them. Phoebe is still sleeping- she did get up for meals 🙂

  8. We wanted to let you know that we got our prizes today and we all LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Mommy was very touched by the Black Cat pin and the lovely poem that goes with it. And Yin and Yang haven’t stopped chasing those eyeballs yet.

    1. I am glad everything arrived safely and you are enjoying it. Now that you have a black cat, I had to send her a pin. 🙂

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