Phoebe’s Missing Bikini

Hi everyone. More sad news this week, Grayce of Katnip Lounge went to the bridge. You can visit her very sad family :Β  Grayce, Forever

002Mom found this great Halloween card at Walgreens, she is going to frame it. The star of this card can be found here:

Mom started some new grass for me after killing it for the millionth third time. I am going to take bets on how long this one will last. Whoever guesses correctly will win some catnip toys.If more than one of you guesses the same, then the first one that answered wins. I am hoping that by shaming Mom, she will learn a lesson and keep it watered. 004I will show you how the grass is doing on Sunday ( if she hasn’t already done it in).

My Grammie came over yesterday and brought us treats, she is so sweet. I love my Grammie so very much. She is coming today too to see Flat Charles one more time before he leaves to go home.

My bikini is still missing. Please contact me if you have any ideas as to where it is. All tips will be investigated and your identity will remain private.



  1. Oh, no! I hope the bikini is found! Can’t you track it by who had it last or a list of who wanted to wear it?
    I cannot bet against your mom. There is a Sisterhood of Catmoms, too! Hug!

    1. Mystery solved. Christy Paws has it, but I know they were evacuated because of the wildfires so I won’t bug them about it. I just hope they are OK.

  2. A lost bikini?? OMC!!

    Sorry to hear of yet another new Angel:(

    Hmmm, maybe the grass will last about 8 days if you don’t nibble it all away furst, MOL! We would take it right out of the pot!

    (Sorry we have been tied up with company, hence we were AWOL…..That is to say her company made meowmy neglect our blogs, etc; sigh…)

    1. They would take it out of the pot too which is why they only get supervised visits with it πŸ™‚ I have noted your 8 days for the contest. I hope your Mommy enjoyed her company. XO

  3. Toby here, what a cool card! I’m going to get mom to look at our local Walgreens for one. What would be really cool is if we could mail it to Maxwell and he could sign it (or in his case paw-print it) and send it back! I hope your bikini shows up – at least before next summer!! And please tell Penny I said “Hey!” Purrs to you, Toby

    1. That would be great to get a pawtograph πŸ™‚ They are supposed to be at Walmart and Hallmark too, but I couldn’t find them there. It is a Hallmark though so it will be easy to find in Walgreens as they only have a small section of those. Penny is liking the purrs from Toby and purrs back.

  4. OH NO!!!! Your famous traveling bikini is missing in action? That’s too bad – purrrhaps whoever has it forgot they had it – maybe your plea will be heard! I hope so. As for the grass…..hmmm……I say it will last a week this time around – your Mom has some incentive to keep it going since she’s having a contest about it so chances are GOOD it will be watered regularly!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. I wrote down your guess- so far I have 8, 13 and your 7 days. I better keep it watered πŸ™‚ I think we have the bikini located. XO

  5. Phoebe, hopefully this time your grass lasts longer! That’s a cute picture of you enjoying it!

    Yes, we were so sad to hear about Grayce.

    The lady is going to send your mom a note about the bikini. She sent it on to the next recipient in mid August.

  6. We mailed your bikini to Christy Paws on September 10 from Charlottesville VA. Please have Mom Ava check with her post office. Mom will check and see if we have a tracking number. Sure hope it shows up. Christy Paws and family may still have been evacuated when it arrived. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. There is a fine line between over-watering and keeping cat grass too dry, I’m afraid. The Hubby has mastered the art, but he’s not normal. From the first sprouts to longish blades, I’m thinking you’ve got a week, eight days.

  8. Our mom has killed every plant she’s ever had. We’ve never had Cat Grass, but we bet if we did, it wouldn’t last long. Sorry to hear about your bikini – that is very strange that it disappeared! We hope it turns up!

  9. guys…tell yur mom ta get de “water once & never again grazz !!!! then, her waterz it once & never again ~~~ coz thatz what it…doez…any way…..we will say de grazz will last 17 dayz coz everee one has eated it by then !! β™₯β™₯β™₯

  10. Oh Phoebe weez sure hope yous find yous bikini. But yous shuldn’t shame yous mommy. When we go to eatin’ on da gwass, it just naturally dies. Mommy sez she has to plant anew all da time. fur us to always have gwass available she has to stawrt a new gwass da day she puts one out fur us. Seems when we stawrt nommin’ it only lasts ’bout a week and a half even when she be waterin’ it. So weez’ll give yous gwass 5-7 days. Seems yous be nommin’ and it’s not even finished gwoin’. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Phooey! I still think it is Mom’s fault.
      Phoebe’s Mom here- I marked down your guess for 5-6 because 7 is already taken and I think you are correct, it is not my fault. Your Mommy is smart to start new grass the day she gives you yours. XO

    1. It is a nice card with the glittery border πŸ™‚ A great decoration for years to come. Bikini will be heading to Miss Mudpie soon, I hope she is willing, she is last on the list.

  11. We are glad you found the missing bikini! Our Mama says she had lost track of it herself ! We think the cat grass will last three to four days! Does that make us pessimists or realists? πŸ™‚ Our Mama kills ours all the time… ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. We now where the bikini is now so tell your sisters to stop the search, but if they want to try it, we can add them to the list and send it to them.

    1. I am getting to NYC in October on November somehow. You don’t need the bikini- you have a built in- so lucky πŸ™‚

  12. Oh my goodness gracious!!! Mes was supposed to gets the bikini, but now mes not blogging anymore…..Can yous lets whoever was to send it to mes know not to or it will gets losted (likey forever) if it gotted sent to mes. Please lets Mommy knows. And mes must say, mes going to miss visiting evefurry body regularly. Mes sure Mommy will be visiting though.
    Loves yous Lots and sends yous as many kisses as yous guys needs

    1. Nellie, no need to worry about the bikini. I would have loved to see you in it though. I am very happy to see you visiting and I am glad you still will because I would miss you. I will take as many kisses as you can spare sweet girl -save some for your wonderful Mommy though. XO and lots of love.

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