Cats in Hats

Hi everyone! Phoebe is here to announce the Cinco de Mayo giveaway winner: Isabella and Angel of Beaded Tail ( ) Congratulations!!!!!



She will return Sunday with something very fun and we hope you will want to join her.

Lucy is not too happy with me for this:001

She got her revenge 2 days later. I woke up surrounded by 4 cats and it felt like Heaven. I was warm and they were purring, then I realized I was too warm and thought I was sweating, then I thought I peed myself, then I realized Lucy peed on me. I was happy that I still have control of my bodily functions though πŸ™‚


I just got Cats in Hats by Sara Thomas from the library and I can’t wait to make some new hats for my cats. There are 15 patterns each to crochet and knit. I am hoping I can get my sister-in-law to do the knitting ones that I like. If you can’t get the book, she has a website where you can purchase hats already made and patterns individually.!

I am off to stock up on yarn for hats ! Please stop by tomorrow for all our hopping.



  1. Most excellent hats! Mes WON’t wears them! Never! Ever! Nope!
    Mes is still missing your posts…darn mist be something between WordPress and Blogger or something. And my assistant is hopeless. She is procrastinating on doing her review too. Mes would fire her, but mes does NOT want to has to train a new one. What does yous do to keeps your human on track?

    1. Sorry Nellie, I need to figure out why my posts don’t get to everyone. I would love to see you in a hat, you would be sooo cute πŸ™‚

  2. I should probably be glad my human claims she is too busy to knit or crochet anymore… but honestly, I don’t really care! I’ll pretty much wear anything if I get treats.

    1. You are so easy going Summer πŸ™‚ If I see a good one for you, I will send your human the pattern. I don’t think I will be making too many, I only crochet and most of the patterns are marked difficult πŸ™

  3. Uhoh………accidents do happen…….sometimes when we’re SUPER relaxed – well, our bladders relax too!!! HAHAHA

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. πŸ™‚ I was so happy I didn’t do it that I wasn’t even mad πŸ™‚

    1. She would look cute in a hat πŸ™‚ There is always photoshop πŸ™‚

  4. Is Lucy okay? Does this mean a vet visit? I love these hats! I’ll bet I can get my friendly feral Patty to wear one or two; he’ll do anything I ask of him! Angel and Chuck…not so much, hahaha!

    1. Thank you for caring about Lucy. Yes, she is fine, when she has urinary issues, she will pee a little spot in several laces and keep staring at me to help- this was a flood , a flood of revenge. That is sweet that feral Patty will wear a hat πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t know, but Dr. Seuss had it right putting a cat in the hat πŸ™‚

  5. Congrats to the lucky winner! I hope all is well with Lucy and it was just an accident.

    That is amazing that there is a whole book dedicated to patters for hats for cats!

    1. Lucy is fine, no more problems. When she has a UTI, she keeps squatting and will lick the area. It is a cute book, but the patterns are hard for crochet and I don’t know how to knit. I am glad I got it from the library instead of buying it.

  6. Congrats to Isabella and Angel. I don’t think many of the kitties here will wear hats. Two Two might though, who knows. You all have a great day.

  7. Are those Pinwheels on Lucy’s head? She doesn’t look too happy with the book. MOL! TW used to knit and crocket in the old days.

    1. Yes, they are pinwheels and I ate them too πŸ™‚ They cost almost $7 for a 12 so I wasn’t going to waste them- LOL πŸ™‚ I can send TW some patterns if you want some hats CK.

  8. Lucy, no peeing on humans! Didn’t your mama teach you that? Oooo, but hats now. Everyone ought to wear a hat now and then… without peeing afterward!

    1. Yes, all cats should wear hats. I actually think she was mad that Spooky has been sleeping in that spot during the day and she doesn’t really like him.

    1. I hope I can make the shark one, but the rest are pretty hard to make.

    1. I even laughed- I was just happy I didn’t do it myself πŸ™‚

  9. Mew mew mew Lady Janet it seemss Lucy got her reevenge fur thee Princess Leia foto!! Pleeze tell her shee lookss berry cute in thee outfit! Mee iss a bit parshell to ‘Star Warss’ as mee nickyname iss Dharth Vader when mee iss notty! πŸ˜‰
    Conkatss to Isabella an Angel on winnin mee Purrincess’ contest!!!
    An mee sweet rainbow Gurl yur ever so beeuteefull….
    ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx

    1. I hope Lucy doesn’t give you any bad ideas- never pee on your Mum. And thanks for saying I am beautiful my handsome Purrince XO. and pawkisses too.

      1. Mee wood nevurr ‘pee’ on LadyMum!! Good greef that wood bee embarrassin Purrincess Phoebe!!!
        An mee speekss thee truth mee sweet gurl; yur beeuteefull too mee..innside an out!
        **paw kissess**
        Yur littul Purrince,
        Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxx

        1. Lucy was not embarassed- she was quite proud- Lucy is a little meanie, but she does let Mom dress her up in hats and costumes. You are beautiful and handsome to me too my sweet purrince. Love, Phoebes XOOXO paw kisses

  10. Those hats are adorable! We enjoyed hearing about your ganging up on your human as that is an activity at which we’re always polishing our skills. We have been known to wear hats.

  11. We’re so excited to be the winners! Thank you so much! We’re also so glad our mommy can’t knit because we would not wear those hats!

    Angel & Isabella

    1. I mailed your prizes today- I hope they get to you soon πŸ™‚ I should have sent you a hat- MOL.

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I don’t think I can make too many, they are all difficult and intermediate. I am not that skilled.

  12. Congrats to Beaded Tail! Those hats do look ridiculously cute! I know a few here who would wear a hat but not all! πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. I don’t think I can make to many, my skills are not that great.

  13. Fun to get a whole book of patterns!!
    Peeing on your Mom, OMC! What next…no; not next…nevfur again, MO!!

    Concats ti the winners!!

    Pee Ess

    You know, I tried to get your blog to come up in my feed, while I get emails about your new postings, I do not get it in my feed. It seems that when I go to ‘home’ of your blog, then paste that url into the space to get the feeding of posts, it only feeds back the current page, and comments for that. Never new posts. Strange fur sure.
    (I use bloglovin for my feeds.)

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I wish I knew how to fix that. I will ask around.

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I might make the shark one, but the rest are quite difficult so I won’t be able to do them.

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