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Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is ROAR Day and we are pleased to have our second guest post ever. As you know, my Sammy is a Cat Scout and our guest post was written by the Mom of 2 of his scout friends, Maggie and Felix. Her name is Patricia Sullivan and she is here to tell you about a place near and dear to her: bayeux2(King Harold depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry with his hunting dog and falcon) The Museum of Maritime Pets fosters an appreciation of animals living or working on or near the water, who collaborate with man in times of peace and war.  The Museum documents their contributions and promotes their safe and humane treatment. World-wide activities include art and historical research at libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, naval and maritime organizations, oceanographic and zoological institutions and aquaria. standeasyrcnavy (2)Stand Easy, Royal Canadian Navy, WWII Visual material from around the world illustrates animals at sea from earliest times to the present.  Artistic and photographic images of maritime pets at work, leisure or play reveal their interaction with their human caregivers, or exploring the world and water from their unique perspective.  Journals, diaries and other historic materials relate many endearing and courageous exploits of these pets.  We also get new information and photos via social media. Many of these brave animals provided companionship to sailors recovering from battle wounds or illness, and some gave their lives in service to their humans.  Others survived bombardment, sinking and other catastrophic war events, later to be rescued and live out comfortable lives on shore. Some pets are temporarily adopted by merchant seamen, only to be abandoned at the end of a voyage.  They often wander the docks, hoping to see their shipmates again. chabot cats (2)(Spinnaker and Molly Aboard) The Museum documents and celebrates the lives and exploits of these animals.  A travelling exhibit is available for loan, and the Museum Shop carries books about maritime pets as well as nautically-themed gifts and toys. Leo working hard to pull Mike in (2)[1]( Newfoundland Leo rescues swimmer) Visit our website  and follow us on FB or Twitter @MaritimePetsMus JackieJRonboat3 (2)(Jackie, a happy Jack Russell aboard) Van cat (2)(Turkish Van Cat) I am going to make a donation to the museum. Even if you can’t make a donation , if you could please spread the word about this amazing resource it would be greatly appreciated. The gift shop has a lot of cool items like Bailey the Boat Cat’s book and some cute toys for kitties.

66 thoughts on “Guest Post: Museum of Maritime Pets

  1. guys…thanx for sharin…how kewl iz thiz !! N thanx for de linx two, we will chex it out !! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  2. Sammy P…..
    A very interesting post.Thank you for spreading the word. We checked out web page when Bailey the Boat Cat wrote about it a while back and found it very informative.
    C S Charles

  3. That museum has some really pawsome art! I love art -especially when it showcases cats. Since cats have a long history with being aboard ships, it doesn’t surprise me too much that this museum would have some kitty art 🙂

  4. Hey, Felix and Maggie! This is Sampson from Cat Scouts! It’s great to have you as a guest poster today. We really enjoyed reading about the Museum of Maritime Pets. We never realized there were so many animals in the maritime service field. Very interesting! We will go check out their site for sure! Thank you for sharing.

  5. That museum sounds cool and the photos are great! We will check out their site 🙂
    Paws crossed that we can post our comment…we have been having problems here lately…our comments get eaten!

    the critters in the cottage xo

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