Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

Happy Sunday everyone! 003This has been a busy week with Mardi Gras and The Chinese New Year! Sammy is planning to see his special friend Maggie again today at an Oscar party. I am not going to watch the Oscars, I am still mad that my Grammie didn’t get a Grammie award. I love her so very much, I hope she visits me this week.

My Mom won an award a while ago for a horror film she acted in called Victimized, it was in a film festival called the Zed Fest and she got an Outstanding Acting award. Here is the link: .Β She has only been in a few independent films and would like to do more, but they take up too much time and she would rather be home with us kitties. Can you blame her? We are lots of fun.

Here are some selfies of some of my siblings: 041KaTwo


035Lucy with Prancie in the background034Spooky

026Sammy ( he was covering his eyes)

The winner of the Chinese New Year giveaway is Summer ( ) !!!! Congratulations!!! Next Sunday I am having a great giveaway to tie in with Dr. Seuss day on March 2nd. Have a great week everyone! I will see you on Thursday. I hope I have something about my Purrince to write about by then. I am the kind of girl that likes lots of attention. Cat4

62 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

  1. Concats to Summer! She’s going to love those toys πŸ™‚ Cute selfies by the way. You guys make great cat models!

  2. Hi Phoebe and the rest of the gang too πŸ™‚
    Me neither is going to the OscarΒ΄s because my hopeless mom-person is working this weekend and she turns the compooter off when she goes away from home πŸ™


  3. Phoebe we think your selfie shows you to be prettier than any of those movie stars that will walk that old ratty Red Carpet tonight.
    Happy Sunday!
    ~Annabelle, Boo, Ping, Jinx

    1. You are all so sweet. Phoebe wishes she was having a giveaway so you could get extra entries.

  4. I can TOTALLY see why your mum would rather be home with you, for sure. Hmmm… Maybe she could be in a film filmed at your house? Best of both worlds and whatnot. Just a suggestion, of course.



  6. Phoebe, we had no idea that your mommy is a movie star. That is so cool. Thanks for sharing so many selfies with us today. We saw that lovely locket you sent Siddhartha. That was so sweet of you. Sorry we have been scarce lately. Mom has a really bad case of the winter blahs, and we haven’t been visiting much. Thanks so much for joining and supporting our blog hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. I hope your Mom feels better soon, this has been a long winter. LOL about the movie star. Phoebe does love that little Purrince.

  7. Nice to see a few more of your gang!:) Congrats to your Mama…ours couldn’t act to save her life πŸ™‚ Phoebe, you are a prettty kitty so we can understand your need for consistent attention πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Thank you,it is still being entered into film festivals, but when it is available I will let you know.

  8. Whoa! We didn’t know that your Mom was an award-winning actress! How cool! I have an Anipal Acatemy Award and last night won Most Stunning Cat during Blogpaws’ Oscar pawty.

  9. **THUDD** (kittyboy down here)
    Hi Phoebe Sherri-Ellen Siddhartha Henry’s Mum here….it appears when he saw your new photo he just …well…he fainted…..He really is dramtic isn’t he??? I am typing & waving a fan over Siddhartha Henry…..oh I think he is coming around…..Siddhartha do you want to say something to Phoebe??
    “squeekss…ah hem….squawkss….mee-mee-you….ah hem…..mee-you sweet Phoebe iss luvley to see you. Yur BERRY beeuteefull an mee luvss yur foto. Mee iss gonna get LadyMum to save thee foto an then mee can do sumfing fancey with it…mee-you mee iss sorry mee fainted….pleese furgive mee….***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry”

    1. Awww… sweet Purrince, you know how to make a girl feel special. I hope you didn’t get hurt when you fainted. XOXOXO

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