Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

Happy Phoebe Day, I meanΒ Sunday. I am so happy I can blog twice a week now! I have been noticing lots of kitties getting cars, like Roxy and Tigerlino ( ). So I decided I needed some wheels too. I am “borrowing” this Jolly Jalopy from my Mom’s niece. It is old, she got it when she was one and she is 26 now. Does that make it a classic?Β  It reminds me of my favorite show, Downton Abbey. I decided I needed a driver too ( actually, I jumped out when Mom tried to take my photo). Joanie said she would do it for a little catnip-004010It does have a spacious trunk- look at all the catnip I can transport:003. I really have nowhere to go though- why do I need a car? Maybe I will visit Grammie when it is warmer outside- I love her so very much. Did you know that I really have to go over the river and through the woods to get to Grandmother’s house? Just like the song- funny, huh?

Driver- I am ready now:003Do you like my cape? Mom got it for me, it is actually a tree skirt for a small Christmas tree, but she thought I could use it for something. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a stuffed Grumpy Cat- remember to tell me how pretty I am for an extra chance πŸ™‚

005I will announce the winner on Thursday!


57 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

  1. Phoebe–Gosh, now that you mention the car, I think I need to get my Furrari out of mothballs one day soon and take it for a spin!

    Oh, and you are SOOOOOOO beautiful! Does that get me an extra chance in the Grumpy Cat raffle?? XOXOXOX (I still think you’re beautiful even if it doesn’t, though).

    • I would love to see your Furrari. Yes, you get 3 entries- one for commenting, one for complimenting and one for the extra good compliment πŸ™‚

  2. Say – that’s a nice Phoebe-mobile! Lots of room in the trunk and you even have a driver….what a great deal that is……..before your brother Sammy joined Scouts, we had a Derby Day and we all had to make cars and enter the race – it was tons of fun…..maybe we’ll be doing that again in Scouts so hang onto that car!

    Happy Sunday

  3. Phoebe, you have a car! That’s pawsome! Plus, you have a boot (Downton Abbey speak for trunk) full of nip. Gosh, you’re a lucky girl.

    You and Joanie are looking wonderful today!

  4. Phoebe, you ARE beautiful and the cape sets off that beauty perfectly. I love your car and since the trunk is spacious, would you like to come on over and we’ll have a play date??

    • That sounds like lots of fun, but I have to wait until the weather is warmer because it doesn’t have a hood πŸ™‚ Thanks for saying I’m beautiful- you get extra entries.

  5. Well that is a pawsome car, and to have a driver, the best! All that nip? What a party!!! Looking lovely as always! (but we don’t need to be entered, we just wanted to say ‘hi’)
    Marty and the Gang

  6. That’s a great car, I wish I had one. On second thoughts, if I go in the peeps car it is always to the vet so maybe I don’t want one after all.
    Phoebe, you looks so adorably beautiful in your blue cape.

    • Phoebe said thank you Flynn, she is blushing. Good point about the car, that is the only place our kitties go in the car too.

  7. Nice wheels! I actually have a car too, it’s a stuffed police car (cushion) the kids have. I used to have it as my main sleeping spot during the nights, but then I got bored with it and changed my routines. Oh well, I go on a ride every now and then with it though.

  8. Phoebe you are just so beautiful. Now I realize I commented about your too cool car in the previous post. Must have been blinded by your beauty. And is that 2 entries for that grumpy cat I count Yay

  9. We would like a car with a driver too! and some of the dresses worn in Downton Abbey…aren’t they gorgeous? Phoebe, you look lovely in your xmas cape πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

    • The costumes on Downton are beautiful. I wonder how they can afford such elaborate stuff on a PBS budget. Phoebe says thank you.

  10. Whoa! I have wheels too only it’s a cardboard car. TW wants to give it away cos we have no room for it. She never even tried to make it. Did I mention Phoebe looks lovely in her car?

    • Phoebe says thank you. I hope TW lets you keep your car. Phoebe is giving you an extra entry even though it is Joanie ( the driver) in the car that you think is beautiful.

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