Happy Monday everyone!Today is fun and games day so I looked on Pinterest for something fun and simple. There was a cute sock toy with feathers in it from Martha Stewart: . All you need is a baby sock, catnip, feathers and a needle and thread.I added some polyfil to the sock first and then some catnip. Just add some feathers to the top and sew it shut.Here is Prancie with ours: 003.

We are still looking for contestants in the tail length contest: 004

45 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Oh wow, we love that toy idea and are going to have to try it! Mumsy crochets us toys and puts long tails on them and stuffs them with catnip. Sometimes she makes little ears on them so they’ll look more like a mouse.

  2. That sounds like a really fun DIY toy! I might have to give it a shot sometime. I love DIYs 🙂 How does a kitty enter your tail length contest? Cinco has a nice long tail.

    • Just measure it and tell us the length, if you can get a photo too it would be nice( not required though). So far Waffles is in the lead at 15 inches.

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