Happy Monday everyone! Today is fun and games day, actually today is going to be take down the Christmas Tree day-maybe. I was thinking of putting all the ornaments away and maybe just leaving the tree with lights for a few more days being that it is artificial it doesn’t matter that much. Hubby would have me leave it up all year.

Newton and Pierre of Sometimes Cats Herd You ( recently posted about the fun of playing with straws. Its one of those simple things like milk jug caps and boxes, but kitties sure do love the simple things. They were lucky and had a bright orange one, I only had purple and blue, but the kitties didn’t seem to mind.


Have a great day everyone!

37 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Takin’ down the Christmas tree, huh? Peeps got ours up late so I’ve told ’em it should stay up late, too. I’m thinkin’… Valentine’s Day.


    PS. Gonna show this post to my Peep #1. As soon as she gets the milk ring thingies from the containers, she cuts ’em in half (to protect wildlife) and puts ’em away. Gonna use this post to show her that the BEST way to recycle ’em would be as toys for us kitties. purrs

  2. I like what Allie above said. Annie says to try celery leaves. Actually, she just likes to rub on the. I wish the kitties here liked simple things like milk rings or straws. Our cat Lucy loved milk rings.

    How nice to leave your tree up for a while.

  3. We undecorated the tree Saturday and then brought it down to the compactor room yesterday. I read somewhere that it was bad luck or something or take it down after the 6th but I don’t believe it.

  4. We love straws and Dad got us a box of bendy straws a few years ago. He thows a few out from time to time and we love them. Those small Chinese handcuffs are real fun too but do not hold up really well. Dad gets those at petsmart in the toy aisle for a buck

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