Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is behavior day and I have my first Christmas calamity to report:


KaTwo knocked this little guy on the floor and his nose broke off. It is actually the second “incident”, someone broke a light off the string of lights in the bathroom. I have a strand of lights over a wicker reindeer and when I went to light it the other day, it wouldn’t light- so much for if one goes out, the rest stay lit. Luckily, it wasn’t plugged in when someone chomped the light off and no one ingested it.

Be sure to protect your snowman decorations- they have delicate noses.

Does anyone have any incidents at their house to report?

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I am thankful that I am done Christmas shopping and didn’t completely max out the credit card. Have a great day everyone! HappyDay 3 of Hanukkah:

009I got the kitties a blue mouse.


28 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I learned pretty quickly with my first two adoptees, now angels, to get rid of anything that could break. Even so, they had a lot of fun with the holiday “toys.” LOL.

    BTW, I have no idea why, when I visit your blog, the screen jumps around (scroll bars along the side and along the bottom). It’s weird!

  2. Well “tis the season for accidents” as well as “to be jolly”……stuff happens – there’s more “stuff” out and about (decorations, etc.) so more things can go awry! So far nothing has happened here but we aren’t to THE DAY yet……back when Sam was younger I’d occasionally find a ribbon pulled off a gift OR at least evidence of some munching on a ribbon but these days he’s just plain GOOD!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

    • I think you should both be on the good list. Especially Roxy because she had surgery. Joanie is naughty, but I told her she gets to be on the good lisy because she had surgery.

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