Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday eveyone! Today is behavior day and I am going to tell you about Snowball and how she hates me. She was at a shelter for over a year after being rescued from a hoarder.

When I first got her, she would run from us and now she only runs when I try to pet her. The odd thing is that if I am eating chicken or turkey, I can pet her all I want as long as I share. She also likes to give me dirty looks which is kind of funny. Here is aĀ  photo of her sitting not far from me and staring:009

This is her running from Santa last year: Santa 2013 040

I am pleased that she loves to play and gets along great with all the other kitties. I would love for her to sit on my lap or at least not run when I try to pet her, but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. When I adopted her last year, it took her almost a month to start purring so there is some hope.

Here are some more letters to Santa:018017Ā ( Can you see his milk moustache?)

003KaTwo’s is a thank you because she got a 3 foot tall cat tree already delivered.

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  1. Snowball,, I hope soon your instinct tells you that you may trust your mom. You are out of that horrid situation. Love you pretty girl.

  2. Some cats are slow to warm up to people. When we got Frankie he was very sweet at the shelter but once we got him home he was Mr. Independent. It took months for him to lie on my lap and now he has become very needy.

  3. Aaaaaw Snowball be bootyful. Sorry she not be a lap kitty, maybe she was abused by da lady of da house in sum way. Mommy sez a soft and fwuity purrfume sumtimes helps. Purrfume fur yous to wear of course. MOL When mommy meets any new kitty hers is always sure to wear a good purrfume. When hers works da spay/neuter clinic hers duz it too. It helps to calm da kitties and make them warm up to mommy. Weez’ll be purrayin’ she comes wound. Sounds like dat wuld be on yous Santa wish list. And Concats on da twee, dat’s pawsum.

    Luv ya’

    Dezo and Lexi

    1. Thank you for the tip, I will try some perfume. That would be the perfect Christmas gift if Snowball would let me pet her.

  4. Boodie did not like being touched by the humans for the longest time. It took her years, literally, to behave like a proper family member!

    1. I hope so. I feel bad that she will start to be friendly and then I have to give her flea medicine or something and that sets us back.

  5. Snowball is very pretty. Maybe she will become friendlier in time. Some cats take a lot longer than others, and some never want to be petted. When my MIL died, we took on all her cats. One had kittens a while earlier and were about 3 months old by the time we found them. One was friendly and not at all scared from the word go. Another was about 5 years old before we could make a fuss of him although he would rub around my legs when it was food time. The 3rd we could never get near, he ran and hid as soon as he saw us. When he was about 14 years old he got ill and we trapped him when he was eating to take him to the vet. We kept him shut indoors while he recovered and he realised it wasn’t such a bad thing after all. He lived to 19 years old and became a real love bug for the last 5 years of his life.

  6. Very glad she gets along with the rest of the gang šŸ™‚ that is huge! I believe she will come around to you in her own way…in her own time. Love the letter to Santa MOL! Very nice early Christmouse present!

  7. We are so happy you took Snowball home from the shelter and that she gets along with all the kitties and we hope that she will keep feeling more trust and more comfortable with you. (We like the milk mustache!)

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