Monday-Secret Santa has arrived

Happy Monday everyone! It was a happy weekend here, our Secret Santa package arrived from Whiskers in the Window ( ). Stinky called digs on the box:019 022There were lots of beautifully wrapped gifts: 021The first one was just for Lucy: 023Kelly’s youngest thought Lucy needed a new scarf for her collection and made one just for her ( got that, Phoebe- just for Lucy-we have it in writing). There were many more gifts too: 001A giant bag of everyone’s favorite treats ( sorry Joanie, you need to share). 003 006A beautiful leopard print tunnel that Pranice really go into. And lots of other goodies: 008There was a box of 10 toys and 9 more balls-that is a lot of toys!!!! And some kitty slippers for me that even fit my big feet 🙂 011Thank you Whiskers in the Window for all the great and thoughtful gifts- you have made our Christmas extra special!


  1. What a wonderful Secret Santa package you all received. Those sparkly balls are the best! I bet you’ll spend hours & hours enjoying your new presents (the treats may not last that long).

    1. I let mine open theirs early because they will have stuff from us and Grammie to open on Christmas. Thanks for asking about Joanie, she is much better. She does still have a little bump from the stitches, I guess on the ends they put them under the skin.

  2. What great stuff you got from your Secret Paws, what fun! You kitties will love that tunnel, how cool is that! (PS: Thank you for your great Christmas card, we got it in the mail today.)

    1. Yes, we had a great Secret Paws. Glad your card arrived-and thank you for yours 🙂

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