P Problems

Happy Thursday everyone! I had a different topic for today planned, but I figured I would save it for next week. Today I will tell you about my stickyย P.ย I mean the P on the laptop keyboard-what were you thinking?

My laptop is about 4 years old and for the past 2 years it has had a sticky p. I first realized it when I asked my friend if she *assed her exam? She wrote back that yes, she did *ass it ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I try to be careful, but sometimes when I am in a hurry, it slips ast me.

My editor (mom) called me to tell me that I wrote Ravelry has free atterns- oops, I meant patterns. I did go back and edit it, but I need to remember to check several times for errors.

So please accept my apology if I have called you a hoe. Many times I comment meaningย to write I hope something works out or gets better and I miss that stinkin P. Now the P keeps falling off so I ut it in a safe lace.

Many thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions for Spooky’s arthritis medicine. I am going toย  try some of them and I will let you know when I find what is right for him. I am thankful for being part of such a caring communtiy of cat lovers always trying to help one another. Have a nice day everyone! Lucy and I will see you tomorrow for book review day.

001Phoebe is busy planning her post for Sunday.

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26 thoughts on “P Problems

    • That was the first thing I tried and it works, but it gives Spookky diarrhea. I still have some and someone recommened probiotics for cats to go with it so I am going to see how that goes. I am glad Carmine is doing well.

  1. Well THAT kind of “p” problem is a lot better than some other kind of P problems that come to mind!!!! I’m going to look at some of the responses you got to the arthritis issue – maybe something someone suggested will work for us too since Cosequin and the chewables are OUT!


    • That is a better p problem, I was just trying to give everyone a chuckle. There were many recommendations so I am sure something would be good for Sam. My Sammy can’t wait for the jamboree.

  2. Weez hav spellin’ kistakes sumtimes too, but it’s not cuz of any stickin’ letters, it’s cuz mommys fingers goin’ way to fast and hers dusn’t purraw-purrly hit da keys. MOL Cat’s wait to hear yous Sunday blessings.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. My work computer h key doesn’t work unless I hit it really hard. I’m always writing “tanks” in my e-mails. Not very rofessional. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope you find a good arthritis solution for Spooky. That would be great if the probiotics worked so he could take cosequin.

  4. I would go crazy if there was a sticky letter on my human’s laptop – I depend on her to get things right for my blog, and anything that hampers that is a problem here!

  5. Hi! We sympathise with your P problem; we had similar problems a few years back and it was a PILL! BOL!
    Very cute photo of Phoebe. *cute alert*
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    We greatly appreciate you supporting our hop each week and look forward to visiting your site each week too.
    Hope to see you this week too. *waves paw* :=o)

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