Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Congratulations to Lone Star Cats for correctly identifying the costume yesterday as an OREO. Good job! A lot of you have good guesses too. Today is Tortie Tuesday and Medical Day ,I want to discuss mammary tumors being that it is breast cancer awareness month.

I know other bloggers have been doing this as well. Fur Everywhere did a fantastic, thorough post: .

I am a big fan of spay/neuter for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons I feel all females should be spayed is to reduce the chances of mammary cancer. It is such a simple thing to do for our cats and there are so many reduced cost clinics , some are even free. I always post on my personal Facebook to spread the word for local clinics. I even volunteer to deliver and pick up the cats for people.

For Tortie Tuesday, here is Penny is her costume last year: blog4She was a Hershey’s Kiss- I wrapped her in aluminum foil and made a Hershey’s kiss label with white ribbon.


  1. And she sat still fur dat? MOL Penny duz look vewy cute. And yes dat cancer be a pawful fing. Weez lost a foo furiends and hooman furmily members to it. Maybe sumday there will be a cure, until then, weez keep purrayin’.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Thank you, I can’t foster because I would never want to give up any kitties I take in so I do this instead. Penny says thank you.

  2. That is so fantastic of you to help transport kitties for spay/neuter, we are such a proponent of it too for so many reasons, cancer being a big one! Love the costume!!!!
    Marty and Mom
    Pee Ess
    E-mailed our addy to you! Thanks so much!!!

  3. MOL, Penny looks about as happy to be wrapped in tinfoil as Binga would be! You are so right about spaying us girl kitties – I wear my spay surgery scar (now mostly hidden by fur) proudly.

    1. Penny was not thrilled, I was lucky to get the photo before she bolted. Spay/neuter should be a law unless you are a registered breeder. I am happy you are setting such a good example Summer.

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