Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone. Tuesdays are for Torties and being that we have one, I figured we would participate. Penny is a cutie and very sweet to us, but she sure can hold her own against the boys. 003

We used to have a Persian tortie named Sabrina and she was a sweetie. She passed away in 2012 when she was 18. She only had 3 legs because someone brought her in to get declawed and the vet left the tourniquette on too long so she lost a leg. The strength she developed  in her other paws to compensate was amazing. I adopted her from my sister and had her for 7 years. brina


One of my biggest pet peeves is declawing. I can’t believe any vet is willing to perform this mutilation.  It amazes me how ignorant people who have it done choose to be on this subject. I know all my fellow cat lovers feel like I do and are as opposed as I am, but we need to educate everyone. Being that today is medical day, I thought it would be a good time to discuss it. I am also going to continue the discussion on Thursday ( behavior day).

You all know it is like cutting off the first joint of your finger which no one would choose to do. After surgery, the poor kitties have a risk for infection and can’t do what they are instictively programmed to do. They are also at greater risk if they get outside.Please spread the word against declawing.

Have a nice day everyone! Only one week to Joanie and Sammy’s party!


  1. First, Mom asked us to tell you that we got our package in the mail yesterday. She will post about it on Thursday. As soon as Dad brought the package in the house, Lily was all over it. Mom opened it and gave her one of the pumpkin toys.

    When our humans got their first cat more that 25 years ago, they weren’t all that knowledgeable about cats and they had his front paws declawed. As they became more knowledgeable about cats, they have always regretted it. Despite a lot of destroyed clothes and furniture, Mom would never inflict this on another cat.
    XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. I am glad it arrived safely and so quickly. Us humans do make mistakes, but as long as we learn from them it is OK.

  2. IMHO, Declawing should be made ILLEGAL! You know that it is illegal in many countries around the world, and even in some communities in California. If the name was changed for ‘declaw’ to AMPUTATION, you’d think more people would realize the horror, but some veterinarian’s don’t try enough. Go to there are many, MANY of us like-minded folks who are trying to make a difference.

    1. I agree it should be illegal and that the word amputation might help. Thank you for the link, I will check it out.

  3. We’re totally on board with the BIG NO to the declaw thing….it’s totally barbaric. Still can’t believe people think this is the “right” thing to do EVER.

    Pam and Sam

  4. Yep it’s weally sad dat so many be ignowant ’bout da declawin’ but talkin’ bout it and spweadin’ da word helps to educate. Even meez mommy wuz ignowant at one time. And when we moved to where weez liv now (afur me of course) da management wequired all cats in apawtments to be declawed. Mommy wuz educated by then and told them where to stick it, and made them change da wules cuz dat be elective but cwuel. And a purrsunal fing dat they kuldn’t wequire by law. But of course ous been followin’ ow twubbles wiff these peeps and they twy to skiwt da laws evewy where they can and get away wiff it. 🙁 So sowwy fur yous loss and Penny is just bootyful.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. I am glad that your mom stood up for you not to get declawed. Yes, I have been following your story and I hope things get settled soon.

  5. I have said time and again that I cannot understand how a civilised country like the USA still allows declawing. Some owners are ignorant of what it actually entails but the vets know exactly what they are doing. Their job is to help animals, not mutilate them.

  6. Happy Tortie Tuesday! We aren’t declawed but we know that many cats a long time ago were before people realized what it really meant. Thanks to the internet and more info getting to more people, we hope they realize how bad it is and it stops all together.

  7. Poor Sabrina, being mutilated like that because of human ignorance! I’m always shocked that this happens to breed cats so often – you would think someone who spends a lot of money for a beautiful cat would not want to do that. I was trained from a very early age to accept claw trims and that is all a cat ever needs.

    1. I agree Summer, nail trims are all you need. There are also cute little nail caps in different colors that could be used if there was a real problem.

    1. It is an awful practice. I will have to look up your Mom’s post. That is great that it is illegal in Switzerland.

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