Time to Party!!!!

Welcome to our party: 002Come on in!

003Grab a can of food- we have lots of flavors. And some: 006.

We have lots of dvd’s to watch:005. So grab a seat, Phoebe will show you where: 004Don’t forget to grab some nip:012and a little grass( specially for Spitty):004Hurry the places are filling up:007

The birthday girl :001and the birthday boy:002are ready to party!

Does anyone want to play laser tag?


Don’t forget to comment on today’s post for a chance to win this catnip mat and crocheted toys all stuffed with the catnip/silvervine mix: 001


And be sure to take a part favor with you: 001Thank you all for helping Joanie and Sammy celebrate turning 9 today!!! We will announce the winner tomorrow.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY AND JOANIE!!! I hope you both have a most special day today to celebrate turning nine. What a wonderful party you’ve put together – nommy food, lots of snuggly spots to rest in, fresh nip – and all your friends and family to make sure your day is wonderful from start to finish! Love your scarves too – nice to “dress up” on our birthdays isn’t it? Thanks for inviting all of us…………

    Hugs, Sammy

      1. No problem…..there’s plenty of other nommy stuff anyway!! Hope you stop by the Den today – we have a wonderful “do” set up for your birthday!!!


  2. What a fantastic party this is! Happy Birthday to Sammy and Joanie! We hope you have a pawsome day. You look super nice in your bandannas and the noms and treats are delicious. We’ll find a place to snuggle down and watch a video with you. How nice to have a giveaway too – the mat and nip toys look great.

    The Florida Furkids

        1. Sammy was tied up here with his party, but he will head over there- he is so excited. Thank you.

  3. Happy Birthday Sammy! Let everyone spoil you today, and every day too. Hope you have a fun filled day!!!! Wishing you many more years of birthday fun!!!

    1. Thank you for coming to the party, I am going to sneak out and go check out your blog Gracie.

  4. Happy Birthday to Sammy and Joanie. Have lots of fun and enjoy your day. Thank you for inviting us to your pawsome pawty. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S.)


  6. Thank you so, so much Joanie and Sammy for inviting us to your party. We staked out places on the bed for some video watching, except for Astrid and Calista who are playing laser tag. The noms are great…thanks. That is the biggest nip plant we have ever seen! Best wishes for the future. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. I am glad someone played laser tag finally. The kitties are lucky that their Dad is a great gardener with the nip. Thanks for coming.

  7. What a great party! Congrats to the birthday kids! And many happy returns!

    Thanks for your comment. #1 is going to be crazy busy during the World Percheron Crossing at the Big E. She may have a little time later in the day on Sunday, October 12th, after her charges have left from Hartford Airport. Can you email us so we can discuss further if something might work?

    The Chans

    1. Thanks for coming to the party, hope you had fun. I will email #1 about getting together.

    1. Thank you for coming to Joanie and Sammy’s birthday party and checking out the blog- you made my day.

  8. Oh wow what a gweat pawrty. Weez’ll hav sum venison and fur suwe sum gwass. We do luv da gwass. Happy Meowday Joanie and Sammy. Hope yous hav da bestest day evew. πŸ™‚ Weez wuld luv to win da blanky or da toys. And weez fink weez signed up fur yous mewsletter, but weez not got anyfin’. Weez just wanted to let yous know weez did. πŸ™‚

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. We have only had one newletter on June 21, the 2nd one should have gone out for Sept. 21, but it is going out tomorrow. If you don’t get it, please let me know. Thanks for coming to the party-hope you had fun Dezi and Lexi.

    1. We are so happy you felt well enough to join the party- hope you had fun. Thanks for coming.

  9. Happy Birthday gorgeous Joanie and handsome Sammy!…Thank you for inviting us to your wonderful party=we’ll have some nip, please!…We hope you both get extra cuddles and treats for your special day…Have a fun week, sweet friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

    1. Thank you for coming to the party, hope you had fun. Take some nip home, there is plenty of it.

  10. Happy Birthday Jonie & Sammy and many, many, moreeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Your TX furiends,
    Samantha & Mom

    We are having a wonderful time at your Party!!

    1. Thank you for coming to the party! We checked out your blog and loved it, we look forward to reading it every day and learning about all of you.

  11. Let’s get this party started!!! Oh… I guess it already has? Well, count me in, thank you for inviting me! You have such great noms for everyone, I’ll just go and have some right away! My staff has been very un-imaginative with my food lately, so I’m happy to have some here!

    Congratulations for you too!!!

  12. Meow
    Happy Birthday to Joanie and Sammy
    Happy Birthday to Joanie and Sammy
    Cause we just met you and wow your family is so much fun!
    Happy Birthday to Joanie and Sammy
    Hello you two wild cats. Dezi and Lexi told us about your great pawty so we ran right over. Thank Mew fur the fun
    Timmy and Family

    1. Thank you for the nice song and for helping us to celebrate. Also thanks to Lexi and Dezi for spreading the word.

  13. Happy Birthday, Joanie and Sammy!!! We were so happy to get the invitations. We hope this party just goes on and on for both of you. It’s impressive to be 9. You both must be very, very wise. What an awesome party and the treats are out of this world! We should do this more often. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you both for coming to our party. Mommy says we are not that wise and still act like we is 2-MOL.

  14. Happy Purrthday, Sammy and Joanie! Thank Cod I have your pawty to come to since my Human has SO MUCH FAIL in the least couple of months. She has been worse than useless so it is great to get out and have some fun! The grass is just SPECTACULAR and the party favors are really pawsome–I might sneak an extra one–you’d best keep an eye on me cause I really can’t be trusted. You have been such good furiends and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your visiting, especially when I haven’t reciprocated lately. I can tell I am going to have FUN here–let the stoopy Human work!!

    1. Thank you for coming to our party- we made Mommy get grass special for you. I am in Scouts now ( me Sammy, not Joanie) so I hope to see you there too.

  15. Oh Sammie and Joanie, Happy Birthday darlings. Happy Happy Happy and many more too.

    I tore open the Party Mix, horked on the kitty grass, sat in someone else’s seat and ate a whole CAN of food! Then, I got me an orange pawty favor and admired that awesome mat! And I still loves my blu/aqua ball. I bat it and bunny kick it EVERY day. xoxox Happy Birthday again.

    1. Thanks for coming to our party, it was nice to see you- sorry you got sick on the grass. We hope you enjoy the pumpkin as much as your blue ball.

  16. Happy, Happy Birthday to the both of you Joanie and Sammy!! You have at least nine more lives to go since you survived the first nine so admirably! πŸ™‚

    We brought some nice west coast salmon with us to celebrate! All of us went a little crazy on your fresh catnip..hope that was o.k.! Now let’s crack open a few cans of yummies and watch a good movie … the one with the tasty looking little white mouse looks good…. πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Thank you for the salmon, that was way better than the junk Mom buys for us. Yes, lets watch Stuart Little then we can watch Ratatouille with all the little rats in it.

    1. Thanks for coming to our party we will be sure to wish Rhea a happy 1st birthday, she is a pretty girl. We got a big bag of party mix and some pure silvervine powder.

  17. Happy Birthday Sammy and Joanie! What a great party! Hope we haven’t missed all the videos! These nip pumpkins are the best! Hope you have been having a great day today!
    Marty and Ralphie

  18. Sorry I am sooooo late for the party but, I had to work . I hope you both had a wonderful Birthday !!!! I know you must have had lots and lots of treats….
    So now that your bellies are full sleep and sweet dreams of Wonder Birthday parties yet to come… Good nite Joanie and Sammy !!!!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAMMY & JOANIE!!! Wow, you guys really know how to throw a party. Thanks for inviting us! Is it too late for a movie? Naaah… Let’s pop in Ratatouille and snack on some nip!

  20. Happy Birthday Joanie and Sammy! You guys certainly know how to make us kitties welcome and throw a good show. The party is great – so many are here.
    Now, we believe your Human has a challenge – as many kitties in one photo as possible, hehehehehe – good luck with that!

    1. We are so glad you could make it the party. Mom will be lucy if she can get 8 in a photo- she will give it a try though.

    1. There’s plenty of catnip left- have some πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by,better late than never.


    May your day be filled with love & cuddles and treats & nip. Lots & lots & LOTS of the nip!


    PS. Look at the size of that nip plant! It’s like a shrub or somethin’. purrs

    1. Thanks for coming to the party Nerissa. The kitties are lucky that their Dad has a green thumb with catnip.

  22. Happy happy belated birthday Sammy and Joanie ! What a great pawty ! We hope you had a wonderful day filled with treats and cuddles ! Purrs

    1. Better late than never- thank you for stoping by. They both had a great day.

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