ROAR of the week-Cat’s House on the Kings

Hi everyone- Today is the 25 year anniversary of our first date so in a way it is also the 25 year anniversary of my love of cats. David had a sweet indoor/outdoor cat named Patches who lived to be 19. My real obsession with cats began in 1994 when I got KaChoo, but that story is for another day.

Wednesday is ROAR day. I had already chosen a different group, but a couple days ago I read a sad story about a kitten on Facebook. I am connected to numerous cat rescue groups on there and I read about an orphaned kitten whose sibling was killed by a mother goose defending her babies. The place that rescued the kitty is called Cats House on the Kings in California, am going to send them a check for $10, it isn’t much, but it will help a little. A lot of times people tell me that I can’t save them all- like I don’t already know that. I don’t think that is a good excuse not to at least try to help some- if everyone helped a little then a lot would be helped.

Have a nice day and spoil your kitties.


  1. You are right Ellen, if we all help a little we can make a big difference! Keep up the great work!!!!!

  2. That is sweet that you remember the date of your very first date! 🙂
    And, as you said, every little bit donated helps! =^-^=

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