Real men love cats!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is “every cat has a story day” so I will tell you what I know of Prancie’s story. Prancie showed up in 2004 on the coldest night of the year ( it was below zero). We still had our Christmas decorations out because the weather had been to cold and snowy to bring them back inside. Prancie showed up at our nativity scene by the front door and meowed and meowed. I thought one of my cats was stuck in the front hall closet or something, but I finally figured out that she was out there. We always tell people she is the cat that turned to Jesus for help.

I took her to the vet soon after ( I never add cats to the mix without getting them tested for FELV/FIV) The vet guessed she was 2 or 3 years old and had been fixed ( shaved her belly to check for a scar). Sadly, one of the tips of her ears fell off on the examination table 🙁 She had been out too long and her ears were frost bitten. She wears her short ears well, people think she is a Scottish Fold.

Prancie is David’s favorite kitty. They really bonded, he even reads to her. She is one of the only cats we have that is extra careful with her claws and never hurts us. She doesn’t offer the same courtesy to our furniture though-oh well, you can’t have it all.

001Real men love cats!


  1. My husband and sons are also cat people. Although my husband also likes dogs, our sons are more firmly cat people.They know love when they see it!

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