Naughty kitties? How to deal with them.

Happy Thursday everyone! This week is Prancie week, I already discussed her allergies on medical day and today I will tell you what a naughty little cat she can be. Prancie is actually quite intelligent and knows how to get what she wants.

In the morning, when Prancie is hungry ( that can be anywhere from 5 am to 7am), she gets on the bureau and knocks things down until David gets up. Instead of getting mad at her, we are pleased at her creativity. I will admit that we do get annoyed at 5 am, but we don’t get mad at her. The advice I took on this was not from a cat behavior book, it was from Dr. Oz’s wife, Lisa Oz. She wrote a great book a few years back ( I bought my own copy and I only do that for the best). Here is a link to it:

In the book, she explains her frustrations with her hubby ( the great Dr. Oz) being late for dinner all the time. She realizes that you can only change your own behavior so now she accepts it instead of getting mad. We have applied this to our kitty relationships too. We did put all unbreakable stuff on the lower shelves and now she can knock stuff down to her heart’s delight. So if you have a kitty that knocks things down, just move the breakables out of reach and relax.

Don’t forget to watch Marc Maron tonight. In tonight’s episode, one of his cats goes missing.

For Throwback Thursday, I am posting a photo of my beautiful KaChoo-my first kitty (1994-2010). KaChoo