Inexpensive make it yourself cat toy

Hope everyone had a great weekend! If anyone took the weekend off from reading this blog, I am sure you will notice that it is much improved with a logo and links.

Monday is play day on here and I will try to give you some creative ways to entertain your ( hopefully indoor only) cat. Our cats have every toy imaginable, but they seem to prefer the cheap stuff ( crumpled up paper is popular). I bought a shoebox from the dollar store and had my handy hubby drill 2 large holes in the cover. Then I added a bunch of the toys they rarely play with and all of a sudden they wanted to get them out of the box. 001Joanie is demonstrating.Once in a while, I even sprinkle in some catnip. One time , I added some treats before going to bed and in the morning, the box cover was off and everything was spread all over. You can do this with a cardboard shoebox, but plastic is better because they can see the toys from the side.

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  1. GREAT idea!!!!! You are so creative, and David is very handy!!! You make a great team!!!!!

  2. Wow great idea I could make that for my grandcats they would love it !!!

  3. awesome idea! 🙂 I already have those boxes from Walmart too 😀

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