Free cat toys and amusements

Happy Monday-well, as happy as a Monday can be. Today is fun and games day and I have several for today. First off, David and I picked our peas yesterday and as I was shelling them, Penny reminded me how much cats love to chase those little suckers. Ours were not sprayed, but if you buy them at the store be sure they are organic.
I also want to recommend youtube for videos for cats to watch :
I would not have even known about that if  had not informed us so thank you very much to Zuzu, Ruby, Miss Newton, Maxx, Quint, Olivia, Pia Bean and Tessa.
Lastly, cats love to play with wine corks. We discovered this when I purchased a corker for my husband to use when bottling his home made wine. As you know, kitties love to “help” with everything so they decided to check out the corks. I decided to make it a little more fun by crocheting a cover on them and adding some home grown catnip. There are patterns for knitting and crocheting at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa website: 002
This is Spooky, checking out the one that I made.
I will be announcing another contest this week as soon as I think of one. Thanks for reading and please spread the word.I am getting more tech savvy so I was able to add the thingy ( I’m still not that tech savvy) so you can sign up for my daily posts. Thank you if you do.


    1. You’re welcome. I am sure Tigris is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

  1. Hi there! It’s my first time to visit you and I love your blog. The header is adorable!! I’m certainly no master, but if you need help, just drop by the Bayou! ☺☺

    1. Thank you- I will check out your website. My logo was designed by Jamie Swimm, his website is .

  2. We’re so happy you discovered the Video fishtank! We really like those yellow fish. Someday, we might even catch one! And we’re going to try out your cork toy idea. “Hear that mom? We need more toys! MOL!” Purrs….

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