Contest!!! Mama Mia update

Happy Saturday- first off, an update on Mia- who is truly Mama Mia now. For those of you that are new to this blog, Mia was a skinny young cat my friends took in that turned out to be pregnant. She had 6 kittens yesterday and  amazingly they were all healthy. Luckily, Loretta and Sharon knew what they were doing and were able to help as she did have some troubles. I am glad mama and babies are all doing well, but it breaks my heart that a baby had to have babies herself- this is why everyone should spay/neuter.

Today is product day and I am going to recommend Frolicat Sway, a cute little toy that easily attaches to most surfaces with a magnet. 007 I purchased 2 yesterday- one for my kitties to test and the other for a contest. I have listed the contest in a separate area on the blog. I added a separate plug in for promos, but I am not quite sure how it works yet. The winner will be chosen on July 4th so please enter the contest before then.

If you don’t want to wait, you can order your own on mazon at: .

Thanks for reading and please spread the word about this blog!


  1. Yes!! Please spay/neuter!!! Any tips on a vet? We still haven’t heard back from Jeff’s friend. & her kittens are adorable!!!

  2. Paws up for spay/neuter!

    We actually have one of these toys and can promise that it’s lots of fun! So it wouldn’t be fair of us to enter the giveaway. We did want to let you know that we looked around your blog and don’t see where you’re doing the giveaway. Maybe you could put a hyperlink to it from the blog post? A lot of contest widgets will let you embed directly into the page, which is also helpful . If you’re on Facebook, the Cats with Blogs group where you can get help when you have problems with stuff like that.

    1. Thank you, will ask around for help on Facebook as soon as I set up a page for the blog .

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