Contest and Joanie’s Tale

Happy Sunday! I announced a contest yesterday and posted it with the plug-in for promos, but I guess I didn’t do it correctly because there are no participants yet. If you want to enter to win a frolicat Sway :007Please comment on this post or any post up to July 3rd and you will be entered for a chance to win this.

Today I will tell you how Joanie came to us, she is the fast eater mentioned earlier this week. I actually didn’t even know Joanie was at the shelter. I went to pick up her brother, Sammy ( I will tell you why I wanted him next week) and was shocked to see the 2 of them were in a cage together. Apparently someone surrendered 3 siblings and one was already adopted. My friend, Sharon had accompanied me as my partner in crime ( well, cat adoptions at least). I had her hold Sammy who was already purring and asked to hold Joanie. She immediately started purring too- there was no way I was going to leave her behind. Actually, I did have to leave them both behind that day. I paid for Sammy and told them I would be back the following week with the money for Joanie (her name was Megan at the time). I named her Joanie after my mom- my mom was not thrilled. 004

First, I had to deal with my hubby. David loves cats, but would prefer not so many. In these cases I find it better to ask for forgiveness than permission. I knew he was going to be annoyed with me and I didn’t want that to ruin my niece’s college graduation party that weekend so that is why I left them at the shelter. We did go back and get them a few days after the party and they have both been fantastic cats. It breaks my heart that their family got broken up. I adopted them in May 2010 and have been asking the shelter since then to find their lost sibling. Damn privacy issues won’t allow it. I really don’t see why they can’t give my number to the people that have the 3rd sibling. Enough babble for a Sunday.

Enjoy the day and be sure to comment so you will be entered in the drawing. Thank you.


  1. What a great story about Joanie! We don’t think that our grandpeep would have been thrilled to have a cat named after her, either, but the head peep has one naming policy: cats get named things she would not name a human offspring. These days, all of the cats in our house have “people names” (unlike when she had a Scooter), but she still insists she wouldn’t name a human child Newton or Ashton. Should we be offended?

  2. Yes, you should be offended-cats deserve the same names we would give our offspring. Don’t be too offended though-she did give you nice names.

  3. Joanie is a nice name- for moms and cats! We’d love to win the frolic at. Anything to entertain the cats!

  4. Joanie is very fortunate that you gave her a forever home 🙂 She couldn’t have asked for a better one! As your partner in crime I am always up for a great cat caper, or rescue as the case may be !!!! Just say the word!!!

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