Cats eating too fast

Wow,it is Thursday already! This week is flying by- hope everyone is having a nice week. First off, I went to Twitter as I recommended and Tweeted a photo of all my cats, actually, I did 14 of them. I still need to find a good photo of Polar Bear. He is deaf so it is hard to get his attention to look at the camera. If I can do it for that many, you can all do it for yours- its a great way to help cats for free- no pressure or anything 🙂

Today is Behavioral issues day which sort of ties in with Tuesday’s topic of cats vomitting. Joanie, literally inhales her food and then vomits it up about 90% of the time. I saw some bowls that have built in baffles for dogs that eat too fast. They were all too large though so I decided to put a golf ball in Joanie’s food. This slows her down because she has to work around it. Luckily, she hasn’t tried to remove it like her brother does as soon as he is done with his meal. This is Joanie working on her meal:001

Don’t forget to watch Marc Maron tonight at 10  pm on IFC. I was disappointed last week as there was not a cat in sight nor mention of one.


  1. That’s a great idea! Reggie does that! He eats so fast and vomits it all back up! Golf ball.. here we come! 🙂

    1. A local cat rescue told me to throw a couple of handfuls of river stones (2 – 2.5″ in diameter) into a dog-sized food bowl, then feed the calico in this manner. I can’t say it’s foolproof, but I’d estimate it’s reduced what we call “scarf-and-barf” by maybe 90%. A no-cost solution if you have access to nature, maybe $5 if you do not. Make sure you purchase aquarium/terrarium-quality rocks, as it wouldn’t do to solve the vomiting issue with toxicity!

      1. Thank you, that is a great idea. I do put a golf ball in Joanie’s food to slow her down. There are a lot of dog bowls made to slow them down, but none for kitties that I have found. Joanie is the Queen of Scarf and Barf- I like that saying 🙂

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