Cat fan and winner announced

Happy Saturday! First off, I picked a winner for the contest. None of the cats would help this time, so I had to pull a name myself and the winner is–Amanda Meli. Congratulations- your prize will arrive soon.

Today is product day. This week in New England, it was pretty hot- hot enough for the air conditioner, but my hubby makes us wait until it is 80 degrees in the house. It was only 78 in here so I broke out the fans. You’ll never guess what kind of a fan we have? Well, being that this blog is about cats then I guess you will guess what it is.

I put a link to Amazon because they are avialble on there, but mine came from Rite Aid and was only $30. That was a few years ago though so they may not have any now. I love the idea of a cat fan for cat fans. I will keep this short and sweet. Enjoy your weekend and spend lots of time with your kitties.

001Hope you can all be as relaxed as Sammy.




  1. Love the fan on amazon it they were a little cheaper I would get one. Sammy is sure cute he is almost as big as my Sammy !

  2. hehehehehehehehe!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I’m excited!!!!! 🙂

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