Cat allergies- Children’s Benadryl

Hi everyone! Tuesday is medical day and I am going to tell you about Prancie’s food allergies. She seems to be allergic to everything from foods, pollen and laundry detergent. She has special allergy food from the vet that costs $80 for an 8lb. bag. Stinky also needs that food. Unfortunately, cats are like kids in a lunch room swapping lunches. David usually polices them after I feed them, but if he looks away for a second, they switch bowls.

Prancie was always pulling the fur off her belly and back legs- I assume from being itchy. Our vet, Dr. Katz ( I know, funny coincidence) recommended children’s Benadryl for her. We give her 1 ml daily,  I give her 1 ml ( David always gets to be the good guy and makes me do the stuff they hate). She runs away from me when she knows it is coming so I have to hunt her down. Most of the time she moves her head so I end up smelling like cherries all day. And the worst part is she drools after for a while and leaves a sticky trail wherever she goes. The good news is that it helps and it is safer than cortisone shots or prednisone. Don’t start this on your own though– always consult with your vet first.

In other news, I bought a gnome yesterday because his shirt matched the color of our house. I felt bad leaving him outside so I guess he is going to guard one of the cat trees. Phoebe seems to like him.003Maybe he would be safer outdoors. Have a great day everyone.



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