Bissell spot cleaner is great and my trip to Barnes and Noble

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  I went shopping yesterday and I must commend the sales lady at Barnes and Noble for not laughing in my face. I have been looking for a book called, How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity. 

I went to the help desk and told her I looked through all the computer books and she told me it was in the Humor section. I can’t believe I thought there was really a book that would make my cat the next Grumpy cat. It was cute, but I am glad I didn’t order it.

Saturday is product day so I will let readers know of useful products, some weeks will be directly for cats or something fun for your house with a cat theme.  This week, I recommend the Bissell Spot Cleaner. We don’t have a rug cleaner because we only have 2 braided rugs. This works great at cleaning kitty puke that gets stuck between the braids on the rug, it is also great for the couch and stuff like that. I got ours half price when the Today Show had a special, but I am sure you can find it on sale somewhere.

Hope you all have a nice weekend with no need for a spot cleaner.

002PS: I finally found a bag of Party Mix with Grumpy Cat on it at Target- Phoebe is practicing her “grumpy” look.




  1. Haha! Good job Phoebe! I’m currently very glad I have no rugs but I definitely need that spot cleaner for my couch!

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