Tapeworm Tuesday and IKEA

Happy Tuesday everyone! Still battling the fleas, but their troops are way down-I think I will win this war–eventually. In better news, the new IKEA catalog arrived yesterday and I had my hubby hide it 🙂 If I start looking at it before I go to bed, I can’t sleep. I get so excited- I know I am pathetic.

Today is medical day and I am going to write about my next battle tapeworms. I know cats can get them from ingesting one flea, that happened to Stinky a few years ago. So I am going to assume all my cats have them, but there is no use deworming until the flea problem is completely gone. Here is an article I found about tapeworms: http://ladymeow.hubpages.com/hub/Fleas-Tapeworms .

I am going to keep this short- I must get to my IKEA catalog. Have a great day!