Caturday Saturday

Hi everyone! I didn’t make any art for this week, but I have some art to show you. My friend, Jamie, the one who made my adorable blog logo and header, has been making some cool sculptures that he has for sale on Etsy.

This is a sample, he can make them to match your cat. If you are interested, here is the Etsy link.

While I am writing about Etsy, I want to tell you about 2 more stores.

Billy the Time Cat’s Mom has a store with crocheted items, pixel bead items and more. He needs some dental work so any sales will help fund that. Click here

I also just discovered that Toby’s Mom has an Etsy store with all kinds of items like vintage books and depression glass. Click here

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Caturday Art Blog Hop

Two more things…….on Thursday when I recommended the show, Pushing Daisies, many of you commented that you enjoyed it too. I wanted to let you know there was a Canadian show that Pushing Daisies was supposedly based on called Wonderfalls. It was about a girl who worked in a souvenir shop at Niagara Falls and things with a face ( stuffed animals, figurines, etc.) started talking to her. It was pretty good too, did anyone else ever see that one?

And last, but never least, Penny and her box. All the dates everyone guessed have passed so I took the names of everyone that guessed she wouldn’t pee in it ( Pix Under Oaks, Messymimi, Renee, Miss Mudpie and Swiss Cats) and wrote them on paper, crumpled them and had my hubby choose one. And the winner is: Rene from It’s All About the Cats. Congratulations!!!


Friendly Fill-Ins Week 41

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins Week 41. Please add your link at McGuffy’s Reader and you can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate, it is fun getting to know you all.
1. Snow ___________________.
2. My favorite kind of soup is ______________________.
3. When no one is around, I                                      

4.                      is my                         .
My answers:
1. Snow is beautiful in amounts under 6 inches 🙂
2. My favorite kind of soup is cream of broccoli, but Cheesecake Factory has an amazing mushroom soup that I enjoy too.
3. When no one is around, I watch Flip or Flop ( otherwise, I need to listen to my hubby complain about how wasteful it is and that everything looked fine the way it  was to begin with).
4. My Mom is my best friend.
Before you go, Phoebe is taking guesses on when Penny will pee in her box. The winner will win a water activated fish. If more than one has the same guess, she will do a drawing from those names. Just put the date of your guess in the comment section.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Hi everyone! Love is in the air! You already saw Phoebe’s card from her purrince.

And you know Brody has a girlfriend.

Sammy went to a dance at Cat Scouts with his sweet Maggie.

  Don’t they make an adorable couple?

And Pierrot sent Snowball a sweet card and gift:

Toby and family sent their loves a big box with hearts all over it:

Millie thanks BobbieSue

They each got a bag of Temptations and a furry mousie and a special card with their photos on it.

Penny thanks TobyJoanie thanks Simon ( the mouse makes a good pillow)And Jinx thanks PeggieSue

And I thank their Mom for the meditation book . We are all blessed. Thank you to all our readers for your friendship. We love you all!!!

Time-Travelling Bobble Hat Selfies

Hi everyone!!! It is finally our turn with Parsley’s Time-Travelling Bobble Hat. If you are not familiar with it, please click here to read more. Smoochie and Parsley of Basil’s Blog are donating 1 pound each to Burton Joyce Cat Rescue ( where they came from) each time it travels. You can still join in the fun.

We will show you our Bobble hat selfies in a minute, but I must vent first.I have been planning a Valentine’s giveaway, I even had a nice pink catnip mat with hearts on it set aside. Well, I found out today that suck up Brody asked Mom if he could send it to a girl kitty he likes and she let him!!!! She even mailed it for him today. Phooey!

I am very happy I got to see my Grammie on Saturday, I love her so very much. She even brought me an early Valentine’s gift ( I have to share).

Now for the bobble hat. The rest of our crew will be shown next Sunday.

Me Joanie Sammy Prancie Millie Jinx Penny                                                                        Brody

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Selfie Sunday

Hi everyone!

I got to see my Grammie on Saturday.I love my Grammie so very much. Rumor has it that she bought me 2 bags of Temptations, but stupid Mom forget them in Grammie’s car-phooey!

I should have taken bets on when Penny would pee in her Christmas box- she did on Friday. Next time she gets a box, I will take bets.

Want to know a secret? Brody has a crush on Leia from The Whiskeratti. Don’t tell though.

My shades are still traveling so don’t worry, if you signed up to try them, they will get to you soon. Snowball’s sweetie Pierrot and his sister, Annie looked mighty fine in them. Click here to see them.

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We Missed a Gift

Hi everyone! I am attempting to put away all our Christmas decorations. I can’t bring myself to take the tree down yet though. I did find another gift for the kitties that they somehow missed.

Noel got to open it

  It is a water activated fish

Sammy checked it out, but had no interest after a few seconds.

And look who is hogging it. Little Penny the toy hoarder.

It moves around like a real fish, but no one tried to scoop it out. Does anyone else have one of these ? If so, does your cat play with it?


Selfie Sunday and Pet Blogger Showcase

Hi everyone! This week in addition to joining The Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop ,we are joining The Pet Blogger Showcase ( BearKat is one of the hosts).

My Dad thanks you all for the birthday wishes. Many of you asked if he was upset that Mom had his photo changed into Nic Cage ? No, he didn’t mind because Mom had a special photo made for him. He used to love to watch Battlestar Galactica and this was one of the reasons why he liked it, the cylon in the red dress.

I got to see my Grammie on Saturday, I love her so very much. Even though she didn’t give me any treats-phooey! I hope she will give me treats on Monday or I will think she doesn’t love me anymore.

Toby, would you please tell Penny she is supposed to share those toys you sent. She is NOT sharing.

I hope everyone has a nice week. I will write again Thursday, I think I deserve more than 2 days a week, my posts are more popular than Mom’s. Never mind, that would cut into my nap time.






Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! We have lots to be thankful for this week.So we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop .  I got to see my Grammie on Christmas Eve and Day and the day after that too .I love her so very much. And the good news is she was not run over by any reindeer. Although my Mom’s sister, Auntie Vanessa, had a close call with one. It seems a local restaurant had a display and one got away so she saw it running down the street. One can never be too careful this time of year.

The great one was here and she kissed me.I would show you a photo, but my Mom won’t let me. Although our Cookie Monster is now missing , I am not naming names, but I think you know who has it.

Grammie got me this hat- how do I look?

Daddy’s sister brought us a stocking with 12 bags of treats.

Snowball’s boyfriend Pierrot sent her this soft blanket.

And Penny’s sweetie, Toby sent 15 toys and a candy cane ornament! She is supposed to share, but she hasn’t yet.

Mom will show you some of her gifts on Saturday or Sunday. And she apologizes if she hasn’t commented on your blog lately. She thought everyone was taking a Christmas break until she realized new posts weren’t going to her email. Apparently, she shut off the notifications for WordPress ( she is not very bright).

And now for my poem for Sammy’s Poetry Day featuring the letter C.

Christmas Tree
Some Christmas Trees are tall and slender
whoever decorated this one was on a bender.
My folks have had this tree for a few years
I bet it is the only one with Spock ears.

  This is Dad’s tree for Star Trek ornaments, but now it is a Sci-fi tree because there are Dr. Who ornaments and a Lost in Space one too.


And here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow. Mom came up with the first 2 and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second 2.

1.The highlight of my Christmas was ___________________________.
2 .My New Year’s resolution is __________________________.
3.This year, 2016, ______________.

4 Next year, 2017, ______________.


Sunday Selfies : Letters to Santa Week 1

Hi everyone! This sure has been a sad week. Before I show you our selfies, I want to pause to pray for our dear friend, Fiona. purrs-prayers-for-fiona-sidebar

I got to see my Grammie on Saturday, I love her so very much which is why I told Santa he better make sure his reindeer don’t run her over. Every year, I worry so much about that.


“Dear Santa, Make sure your reindeer don’t run over my Grammie! Love, Phoebe”


” Dear Santa, I need a new carboard scritcher, Love, Sammy”


” Dear Santa, I want a tall cat tree like Phoebe has. Love, Penny PS: A new box too! I peed in the other one. ”


” Dear Santa, I need a new M to wear to The Tabby Cat Club.Love, Joanie PS: Treats too!”

Next week we will have 4 more letters and the final 5 the following week.

I will give you all the details Thursday for the Festivus party.

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Selfie Sunday

Hi everyone! Joanie went for her ear recheck and Grammie went with her and Mom. Then they went to Burger King. Phooey! Grammie never goes to my appointments with me and I never get to go to breakfast afterwards. I love my Grammie so very much too.

100_9831 And to top it off she came home with a Burger King crown to show off.

Mom made a mouse head cheeseball for “the Great One’s” party and didn’t let me have any.100_9837 She swiped the bow from one of our costumes too because she lost the one she had planned to use.

Speaking of costumes, I kind of like the blue dress Mom bought on clearance, I think I will look gorgeous in it, but I am not wearing the penguin one.


Penny would like to ask you all for purrs and prayers for her sweet Tobydscf2520-2 who isn’t feeling right.

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