Kitty Couch Sofa Cat Scratcher

Happy tummy and tortie Tuesday everyone! There will be a tortie and some tummies, but first we want to tell you about the great prize we won from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody :  They always have great giveaways, they are having one for Lola the Cat’s book right now.

We won the Kitty Couch Sofa Cat Scratcher by Feline Be Mine. Joanie claimed it before I could even get it out of the box and plastic it was wrapped in.010012She knew what to do with it right away.

027Sammy knew too- he has powerful paws and it did stood up to them quite well.

002Prancie003Snowball006Stinky 012Phoebe

The others just like lounging and bathing on it. It is never empty, there is always a cat on it. Stinky was hogging it so I had to move her so Joanie could get it back, she was so happy she even showed her tummy.


Sammy is 20 pounds and can nap on it so it is a generous size. You can get your own on sale with free shipping on Amazon by clicking here : cat scratcher

002Penny wants to remind everyone to get their free coffee at McDonald’s today ( and many other places too) for National Coffee Day. She also wants to say hello to Toby ( .

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Meals with Kitties

Happy Thursday everyone, this week is flying by like every other week. Today is behavior day and as I always say, I am never out of topics to write about with 15 cats. Mealtime at our house can be a challenge, not kitty meals, our meals. Well, their meals are too as we need to police them from stealing from one another.

I love to have waffles with butter for breakfast and many of the cats know I have butter and love to have a taste. I call Spooky, butter boy because he is always the first one waiting. This was breakfast yesterday morning as I was sitting on the couch:003Spooky and Joanie were at my right, 005Lucy was at my left and Stinky was on the floor004. And this was supper: 005Prancie helps David and grabs his hand with her little paw.

I guess we could eat in the diningroom ( the one no cat area because of plants in there), but that wouldn’t be much fun now would it?

Have a great day everyone! And thanks for reading this blog.

ROAR and the Contest Winner

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is ROAR day and this week instead of donating to a group, I helped an individual cat. Someone I know has a cat that has been losing weight, but couldn’t afford a check up so I volunteered to take him for one. This is T: He is a cutie, I wish I could keep him. Luckily, there was no problem found. He may just get bullied by some of the other cats for food.


I brought the cat to Second Chance which has a low cost clinic. They also have many ways to help their organization like donating books, shoes, ink cartridges, even cars. I decided to donate some shoes being that my feet keep growing. I was a size 10 for years and now I seem to be an 11. I know that is big, but I am 5’10” tall so I need big feet 🙂

And the contest winner is: The Cat on My Head ( Kitties Bue)!! Congratulations! Have a great day everyone!

PS: Penny wants to remind everyone that McDonald’s has free small coffee during breakfast hours from the 16th-29th.002.