Hi everyone! Today is Chewy Day and we are reviewing a book. Yes, Chewy even carries books.

*Disclaimer: We received a free copy of Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy in exchange for a fair review and spreading the word about Chewy.

That not Daddy. Chewy sent us the wrong book, someone else must have gotten the one with our Dad on it. Silly Joanie, haven’t you heard of Jackson Galaxy? He is called Cat Daddy because he knows a lot about cat behaviors and helps solve lots of behavioral problems. Mom highly recommends it and it is on sale for only $8.68. And don’t forget, Chewy always has free shipping on orders over $49.If you are interested in this book click here.

This is his first book and is part memoir and part guide for pet parents. Mom read it before from the library, but she was thrilled to get her own copy. I am a little miffed she didn’t get us something to test out this month- phooey!

At least she left us the box. I am going to make a lemonade stand with it.

We don’t have any lemonade though.

So what, people will give us money because we are cats with a lemonade stand.

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J is for Jackson

Hi everyone! Thank you all for the purrs and prayers for Spooky. I will give frequent updates. Today is J day for the A-Z Blogging Challenge and I have 2 authors to recommend.

First is Lillian Jackson Braun, she wrote several The Cat Who mystery novels, according to Wikipedia, she wrote 30, but the last one was canceled by the publisher. When I went to a book sale last week, I purchased one of her books to give away today ( just say in the comments that you want to enter to win). This is book #29, The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers.


I also want to recommend Jackson Galaxy’s books. I know I didn’t give his most recent one the best review, but I do like his original and all he stands for. He has helped many cats on his show and has educated many pet parents that watch the show. Until he came along, I never gave much though to cats thinking vertically.

DSCF1061Brody sighting

Catify to Satisfy Didn’t Satisfy

Hi everyone! I finally got a copy of Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions For Creating a Cat-Friendly HomeĀ  from the library and I am glad I didn’t buy a copy. I really like Jackson Galaxy and all he does for cats, but I am disappointed in this book.

There were a lot of great ideas, but not for people like me with no carpentry skills. I loved the section about the autistic man who has made his home very cat friendly. You can see a short video of that on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vhHx1hoN_Y

There was an entire chapter on litter boxes in hidden places like cabinets. There was a note that some cats may not like covered boxes, but in reality, I think most cats don’t like to use covered litter boxes. I just couldn’t understand why he would waste a chapter on this when it is more for home aesthetics than a cat’s pleasure.

My biggest complaint was the lack of a resource list. Where the heck am I supposed to get the shelves, poles and sisal? One page listed that a ship’s porthole was purchased on Ebay. I wanted a step by step guide from start to finish which is what I was led to believe this book was being that the title says “Simple Solutions”.

As I wrote earlier, I think Jackson Galaxy is wonderful and I feel bad bashing his book, but is isn’t what I was hoping for. Penny did find one easy project that she wants her Dad to make.

PennyprojectSomeone with a cat named Penny, made a cat tree out of a step-ladder and even spelled out her name in wooden letters. Kiss your ladder good-bye Daddy.

Please keep Marg in your prayers today: Prayers for Marg