Friendly Fill-Ins Week 49

Hi everyone! Time for The Friendly Fill-Ins Week 49. Remember to leave your link at McGuffy’s Reader. You can also answer in the comment section.

1. An Easter (or Passover) tradition I have is ______________________________.

2. My favorite flavor of ice cream is ____________________________.

3. One of my favourite Easter/Passover memories is                                                 .

4. My favourite Spring flower is                                   .
My answers:
1. An Easter tradition I have is getting the food blessed at church the day before Easter. When I was a kid, the priest used to come to the house to do it, but now we have to bring it to the church hall.
2. My favorite flavor of ice cream is orange pineapple, I have never seen it at the grocery store, but 2 restaurants near me carry it.
3. On of my favourite Easter memories is when both my father and my husband’s father were still alive, I can’t remember any year in particular, but I miss them.
4. My favourite Spring flower is a lady slipper.
And for the A-Z Blogging Challenge we have a light bulb for L.
And here is another shopping cart photo.