Taste of the Wild Tuesday

Hi everyone! Today we want to tell you about the food we won as part of Stunning Keisha’s #10CK Giveaway for her 10th Gotcha Day. We thought we had won a bag of treats so we were very surprised to receive a Chewy box with a 15 pound bag of Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Dry Cat Food. 002 Penny claimed the box, as you can see the bag is bigger than she is.

005 006 007 Everyone loved it- even KaTwo! That was 13 out of 13 cats that liked the taste. Then a few hours later the wild part kicked in. Prancie was walking around meowing and her pupils were dilated, Joanie was practically bouncing off the walls and Phoebe was very aggressive to Joanie  ( much more than when she plays with Prancie).

I decided to look up the ingredients ( I know I should have done that first). The one item that jumped out at me was chicory root. I know it is used as a coffee substitute and is caffeine free, but I am guessing it must be a stimulant. The only other information I could find about chicory root was it has a laxative effect. I am hoping it was what made Phoebe’s heart have the murmur-if it is not heard today then I will believe that was the cause. Has anyone else ever tried this and if so, how did your cat act?

I am not trying to sound ungrateful because this was a great prize, but I just can’t believe all the odd behavior my cats had from it. Chewy is a great company, but I won’t be purchasing this particular product again. And we love CK- thank you for having the giveaway!

Today is also World Spay Day and I am bringing in another feral to get fixed.


This poor guy is very afraid. And he smells a lot, I am sure his odor will go away once he is fixed. I am not looking forward to the car ride though.

Chewy Tuesday

Hi everyone, we get to join a new hop today. The Chewy Hop will take place the third Tuesday of every month. Thanks to Golden Woofs and Oz the Terrier for hosting.

This month we received ZiwiPeak Daily- Cat Cuisine Canned Cat Food in Venison . We were given the product for free in exchange for an honest review.

002Joanie called dibs the minute the box arrived. Unfortunately, canned food doesn’t agree with her so she didn’t get any.

009Snowball liked it a lot, she loves pate instead of shreds.

003Sammy liked it a

002Jinx did too.

001And it was a hit with Prancie, she loves venison.

Millie loved it, but he ate it too fast and well, you can guess what happened–in my shoe.

KaTwo won’t touch canned food, Joanie can’t have it and Millie had a problem, but that still gives us 10 cats loving it out of 13.

The ingredients sound healthy:

Venison Meat (includes up to 3% finely ground bone), Venison Liver, Venison Tripe, Venison Lung, Venison Kidney, New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel, Olive Oil, Agar-Agar, Kelp, Taurine Vitamins: Thiamine Mononitrate, Niacin Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin D2 Supplement, Folic Acid Minerals: Tricalcium Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Choline Chloride, Magnesium Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Zinc Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Magnesium Proteinate, Sodium Selenite, Calcium Iodate

It is on sale this month at Chewy and all orders over $49 ship free.

Don’t forget to comment to enter Phoebe’s giveaway:

015She will announce the winner Thursday.


A Chewy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Right before Christmas a box from Chewy arrived and I wasn’t sure what it was. Then I remembered that we won a giveaway from Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows . 027 028 029

We got 3 packages of Purina Pro Plan True Nature Protein Crunch. One of each flavor: Turkey, Shrimp and Lamb.We reviewed the turkey ones in November so I knew they would be a hit. Turns out every flavor was a hit and they are all on sale at Chewy.

We also received Ethical brand wide spring toys and pom pom toys too. It was like Santa arrived early without those pesky reindeer to run over Grammie ( who Phoebe loves very much- actually, all the kitties love their Grammie).

So far no one has guessed what is going in the gumball dispenser and sorry Phoebe, it is not cat treats. Any other guesses?

002Tomorrow we will show you what is inside. I bought it at Hobby Lobby and it had 14 cents inside, I guess people kept putting coins inside for fun.

Chewy Review

Happy Monday everyone! This month we chose Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Cat Chews from Chewy. My cats are all pretty lazy so they probably didn’t need to be calmed, but I should save some for trips to the vet, especially for Spooky and Millie. Joanie is my one hyper cat, but she didn’t behave any differently despite having 3 treats ( one per day is recommended, but more can be given as needed). I didn’t give her 3 treats, I gave her one and she liked it so much that she swiped 2 more from the others.

004 005


007 008

Stinky did have trouble chewing hers because they are on the big size. She ended up licking it about 20 times then swallowing it whole. Everyone loved them, except for KaTwo. I wish KaTwo would eat them because she could use a calming treat. She is not hyper, but she really has fits and attacks her tail.

Active ingredients per 1 chew: thiamine (vitamin B1) 65 mg, C3 (colostrum calming complex) 9 mg, l-theanine (Suntheanine brand) 8.5 mg, inactive ingredients: brewers yeast, calcium sulfate, canola oil, chicken liver flavor, citric acid, glycerin, maltodextrin, mixed tocopherols, propionic acid, rosemary extract, silicon dioxide, sodium alginate, soy lecithin, vegetable oil

I am not sure if the treats really calm the cats, but they must be tasty. If you want to try them, Chewy has them on sale this month for $4.02 a package ( 30 treats per package). Chewy offers free shipping on orders over $49 so why not get all your pet Christmas shopping done in one place.

*We were given the treats for free from Chewy,  but all opinions are our own.

**I apologize for the messy photos, the package arrived while I was decorating and there was no holding them back.


Chewy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Today we have a Chewy review, we are not paid for these posts, but we receive the product for free in exchange for a fair review.

024For November, we went for turkey just in case Mom and Dad don’t share the big one with us.

We chose Purina Pro Plan True Nature Protein Crunch with Real Turkey Cat Treats. They have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives so they are healthier for us than other treats. We all liked them except for KaTwo who won’t eat any treats.  023028Spooky was looking for more. 032And Millie was too.

They are on sale this month for $2.79/2.1 oz. package. Here is the link: Chewy

And don’t forget to stock up on everything your kitty needs- shipping is free when you spend $49 and up.

Chewy # Sponsored

Happy Monday everyone! Phoebe is exhausted from her 2 days in a row of blogging.


Today we have a Chewy # Sponsored review. We were not compensated, but we did receive the product free in exchange for a fair review.

I have been looking for a different litter instead of the clay one we currently use. I would love one that doesn’t need scooping every 5 minutes ( really, in the morning, it can be every 5 minutes). Simple Solution 30 -Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter comes in a 15  pound box that is supposed to last for 30 days. I assume that means for one cat.


Unfortunately, the minute I opened it, I knew I was going to have a problem. It has a strong scent and like many other scented litters, I got an immediate headache and started sweating. I agreed to review it though so I put it in the box in the room with Polar Bear and his 2 wives ( Noel and Tallulah). They still come down to visit, but they seem to like their on space. And being that it is upstairs, I am not exposed to it as often.

litterIt is a pretty shade of pink. I couldn’t help but think the Trout Talkin Tabbies should get some to make their “art” sculptures. It did seem to work well in that the urine went to the bottom instead of clumping.

If you like scented litters then I would recommend this, but if not, then stay away. I always worry that my cats aren’t going to like cleaning their paws with that perfume scent from the litter. Right now it is on sale for $18.60 for 15 pounds with free shipping on orders over $49. Here is the link for Simple Solution on Chewy

Today is Polar Bear’s turn to get his thyroid recheck-update tomorrow.




Chewy #Sponsored

Happy Monday everyone! Today is fun and games day and nothing is more fun for my cats than eating 🙂 And just like people, they get bored with the same foods so they were more than happy to review Wellness trufood Tasty Pairings With Pumpkin, Beef & Salmon.

005006It is grain free and made with high quality ingredients.Pumpkin is good for digestion too.  I was shocked when I read that you should feed 4.5 containers daily for 6-8 pound of body weight. Even on sale, I couldn’t afford to feed this alone to my cats- I wouldn’t have enough time in a day to open them all either.

010Phoebe liked it

013Stinky wouldn’t even try it

012Sammy liked it

009Jinx wasn’t thrilled

011Snowball loved it.

KaTwo won’t touch wet food and Joanie always vomits when she has canned food so I tested on 12 cats. 10 out of 12 liked it so I guess you could say it was a hit. If you want to get some, it is on sale at Chewy for $39.99 . Chewy offers free shipping on all orders over $49 and they have excellent customer service.

We were not compensated for this review, but we were given the food in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win all these eyeballs. 037

Chewy Review

Happy Labor Day to everyone in the United States and happy Monday for everyone else. Monday are usually fun and games day so I thought we would do a review for some treats we got from Chewy. Nothing is more fun for my kitties than getting treats. Penny called dibs on the Chewy box.


We were given the treats for free from Chewy , but the kitties are giving their honest opinion.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Crunchy Naturals with Real Tuna Cat Treats, 2-oz bag

sounded so promising, they are made in the USA, grain free, no artificial colors or flavors and tuna is the #1 ingredient. I don’t usually buy fish flavors, but when I open a can of tuna, all the kitties like a taste so I figured these would be a hit.

043Phoebe was excited.045She ate them, but wasn’t begging for more. 046Joanie sucked them up like a vacuum cleaner while Sammy backed away.

050I gave Spooky 3, he tested one and popped the other 2 in his mouth at the same time. 054Millie wouldn’t touch them and he usually loves treats. 053Penny didn’t want them either. Out of 15 cats, 2 loved them ( Spooky and Joanie) and Phoebe thought they were OK and no one else would touch them. I am very surprised that Sammy and Millie didn’t want them.

They are on sale for $1.57 for a 2 ounce bag which is usually $3.49 so if your cat is a big tuna fan they are worth a try.


Enjoy the rest of your day and please cross your paws for Lucy tomorrow ( ultrasound day).

Weruva Paw Lickin Chicken Treats from Chewy

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are pleased to be doing a review today. We received the treats from Chewy for free, but we are giving our honest opinions and these were a definite hit. I have seen several reviews for freeze-dried treats, but I was too cheap to buy any so when Chewy offered these I chose them. The only ingredient is chicken in the Weruva Paw Lickin Chicken Treats. I love the Weruva company, they only use the best ingredients and they do a lot to help shelters. If you missed the review of the canned food we won , here it is: http://www.15andmeowing.com/2015/06/roar-for-weruva/

14 out of 15 kitties liked these treats. The only one that had no interest was KaTwo, but she won’t eat any treats, canned food or people food. Here are some photos:

013They knew the box was for them014Lucy liked them, but I had to break them up a little for her007Joanie REALLY liked them

008Sammy did too009Prancie loved them004and so did Phoebe

They are on sale for $9.99 for a 1.91 oz. can and they are for dogs and cats. Don’t forget Chewy offers free shipping on $49 and more: http://www.chewy.com/dog/weruva-paw-lickin-chicken-freeze/dp/42675

And the winner of the #selfie socks and catnip toys is: Stunning Keisha (http://www.stunningkeisha.com/ )- Congratulationss!!!

kittens 001

And we another giveaway for the Perseid meteor shower- comment today and tomorrow for a chance to win a catnip mat ( Snowball is displaying it):

015It has rockets, stars and planets on it and a velcro opening to add more nip as needed.


Our First Chewy Review!!!

Happy Friday everyone! Instead of reviewing a book this week, we are proud to write our first review for Chewy.com. My kitties are always excited to see a box and this was no different. 004 005Lucy figured it must be for her.  007Joanie figured if Lucy was getting the box, she was getting the goodies inside. And were there ever goodies enough for all 15 kitties. We chose the Nutro Natural Choice Perfect Portions Salmon and Tuna  because they are grain free. I also thought the small size was a great choice for Snowball and Lucy. I feed everyone in the morning and evening, I also give out small portions at noon and 10 PM. The small portions are usually just treats or a little dry food, but Lucy and Snowball get some extra wet food. Lucy, because she is old and getting frail, Snowball because she only has a couple of teeth left. 010 011Lucy got right to work and didn’t come up for air until she was almost done. Then Joanie bullied her out of the rest. Joanie always vomits when she has wet food, but she stole some of this and later, she stole some more and she did not get sick.

018Snowball did not want the pawparazzi to photograph her, but she gave in when she got a whiff of the food. She cleaned her bowl. 019

017Phoebe loved it and so did Sammy….015Actually, 14 out of 15 cats loved it. KaTwo will not touch wet food. 14 out of 15 is pretty darn good though. We highly recommend this food. My only complaint was that it contains Carrageenan, which can cause tummy troubles. I don’t usually purchase fish flavors for my cats, but I think once in a while is OK. Here is the link to purchase your own : http://www.chewy.com/cat/nutro-natural-choice-perfect/dp/115246 . The chicken flavor does not list carrageenan in the ingredients.

Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win this kicker fish:017Phoebe will announce the winner on Sunday.

Special thanks to Chewy for letting us be part of your blogger review program it is an honor.