Sammy Saturday

Hi everyone! Sammy has a trip today with The Cat Scouts. They are going to Lake Eerie where they will have fun playing water sports and taking a boat ride. Sammy wants to look his best for his special friend, Maggie ( she writes guest posts for us sometime).

sammyboattrip I used Ribbet to help him prepare for his trip. Do you think Maggie will approve of this outfit?

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Parade.

Caturday ArtPet Parade 158

Saturday Art

Hi everyone! Today we are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. As most of you know, Sammy is a Cat Scout and several of them have flat versions of themselves for traveling to visit one another. Last week, Flat Sammy was missing so I decided to put his photo on a milk carton and display it on the Cat Scouts website.

flatsammy  I used ImageChef, I had never tried that

editor before, but it was idiot proof ( I could do it 🙂 ). And Flat Sammy has been located and is now visiting with Timmy Tomcat’s family.

Phoebe will see you tomorrow.


F is for Fester Cat

DSCF1011Hi everyone! Today for the A-Z Challenge, we have Fester Cat. Lucy reviewed his book back in January 2015. We loved it then and we still do. It is a very sweet story of how a cat adopts 2 men and they become a family. The actual title is The Story of Fester Cat by Paul Magrs.

Mom said I have to give you all a Brody update. He comes downstairs every night and meows at Dad. If Mom even wiggles a finger he goes flying back upstairs. He keeps trying to get near me and I hiss at him. So does Prancie and Snowball. We just want to set some limits.


I got to see my Grammie Monday and Wednesday. I love her so very, very much.

Mom says someone purchased the kitty puzzle box yesterday – anonymously thank you.

Sammy went on a Quest with The Cat Scouts. QUEST4SAMMYP Doesn’t he look cute all dressed up?  Thank you to Sammy K’s Mom for taking the photo.

I was supposed to start a giveaway, but Mom was too lazy busy to do the photo shoot so she said we could start it tomorrow for G ( Giveaway). She will still have a G book to recommend too.


Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

Happy Sunday everyone! I am very happy because this week all the Christmas cd’s will get put away until Thanksgiving. Mom says we have to wait for the 3 Kings on January 6th. They must sneak in like Santa because I have never seen them. She says they bring gifts, but I have never gotten one from them. That is Dad’s birthday too so I always figured she put the Christmas music away and stopped singing as a gift to Dad. Mom hasn’t been singing anyway because of her cold.

Sammy got his first kiss on New Year’s Eve at Cat Scouts. He has been courting Maggie since Valentine’s Day and he finally asked for a smooch. It was his first kiss if you don’t count the 500 a day that the Mama’s boy he gets from Mom every day.


We got a WordPress report card the other day :

I want to thank our top 5 commenters of the year:

And thank you to everyone who has commented! My sweet purrince loves me a lot to comment 683 times last year. And I love him too. And you know who I love so very much? My Grammie- I got to see her yesterday.

We are joining The Cat on My HeadCat4-001002

Here’s my selfie. I was so excited when Mom came home with this, I thought it was to store cat treats in, but she said no- phooey! Can anyone guess what she is planning to put in this?

And the winner of the Grumpy Cat Giveaway is Mario – Congratulations! And don’t worry, Mom will include some catnip toys for you.




Happy New Year! Guest Post from Cat Scout Felix

Happy 2016 everyone!  We are lucky to have Cat Scout Felix here to start out our year! .  Felixdressed


Hello, Everyone~!  I wish you all a very Happy New Year, filled with good health and good times!  I thought this would be a handy time to post some of my hopes for 2016, and I invite all of you to check out Cat Scouts if you have never visited.  We are an active group of kitties who do good works, share wonderful companionship and mutual support, engage in “higher learning” and pawticipate in some awesome educational and recreational events throughout the year.

We are sure since you follow the 15 and Meowing kitties that you are already active in  feline rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing efforts around the country.  For those of you who might not yet be engaged in any of those activities, we urge you to do so!  We cats can really make a difference when our humane activities and advocacy are shared across the social media platforms.  Yes, YOUR VOICE can make a difference in improving the lives of stray and feral kitties, foster and rescue programs,card2 and emergency relief during natural or man-made disasters.

If you’re already involved in any of these efforts, tell a friend and try to get more peeps and kitties involved!  If you’re a little hesitant because you “don’t have time, or aren’t sure what’s needed,” just jump in and get involved in your neighborhood, your state or your region.  Feline advocates around the world are very articulate and outspoken, so your voice will really count!  Your involvement with or support of rescue and advocacy efforts near you will be so rewarding to you and the beneficiaries!~

I hope for warm hearts and homes for all of the outdoor kitties who will be in distress this Winter.  I hope when there is a humane issue in your community, YOU let your voice be heard.  I hope for peace throughout the world, where our fellow animals suffer along with their humans due to war and other upheavals.

Wishing all of you purrs and rubs for a wonderful 2016!


Thank you for a great post Felix. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2016! Be sure to comment for a chance to win this Grumpy Cat stuff- and of course, I will add in some crocheted toys. 004




Selfie Sunday


HI everyone! I hope you all had a nice Christmas, I sure did. Grammie was here Christmas Eve and Day. I love her so very much. She brought us lots of presents, individually wrapped for each of us. And someone else did that for us too and it wasn’t Santa. It was our new Auntie, Peaches and Paprika’s Mom who joined us for Christmas dinner. We still have lots more gifts to open, but Mom was too tired to help us- phooey! Cat4-001

I got my Grammie a mug for Christmas with my photos all over it:


026I made a sign for my new pole so it would be safe with all the company we had. Someone even left me $1.

Sammy got to open his gift from his Secret Santa at Cat Scouts which was Oliver of Four Crazy Cats : He got a cool igloo, a laser and lots of other goodies.


004Oliver sent some yummy foods too and Sammy even shared with us.

You know how I always tell you my Mom sings bad? Well, Christmas Eve day her and Dad were in the kitchen cooking when she started singing- and he thought she cut herself and was crying out in pain- MOL!

I will write about more about our Christmas on Thursday and I am going to start a giveaway that day too.

The Rainbow Bridge has still been busy:



Phoebe’s Thursday Report

Happy Thursday everyone! I decided to upgrade my Christmas stocking this year.

001My small last year’s one is next to it, but you can barely see it. I figure I have been mostly good this year and I do a lot of work around here so I deserve a big stocking.

I helped Sammy with his Cat Scout service project, sending cards to people in rehab centers and a hospice. 002 003Sammy did do some of the work too.

Stinky went to the vet Wednesday. She can see that the retina in her bad eye is flat, but she can’t tell us why. She gave Mom the number for a kitty eye specialist about an hour away so Mom is going to call today. She is hoping to get in for Monday or she may have to wait until after Christmas. Mom was actually a little relieved because she would rather have a problem in the eye than in the brain. Thank you all for your purrs and prayers. We will keep you posted.

I haven’t seen my Grammie since Monday. I love her so very much, I hope she visits today.

Mom wrote another article on The Daily Mewz There are lots of interesting articles on that site.

We snail mailed and emailed our Christmas card and tried to get to everyone. If we missed you, we are very sorry. Please take this:


Mom heard about a little girl that was burned on 75 % of her body in a fire, the girl lost her father and 3 siblings in the fire too. All she wants for Christmas is cards, the address is on this link:



Sunday Selfies and a Peanuts Giveaway

Happy Sunday everyone! This has been a busy weekend. As you know, we all dressed up for Halloween. We attended a lot of parties too.

First was Sammy’s party and costume contest halloween2015-partybadge

Some of us went to Billy the Time Cat’s Party. I am not the only one who turned his TARDIS into a pumpkin .If you want to know who helped, you will have to visit his site 013

The 3 tabbies ( Stinky, Prancie and KaTwo) all wore costumes to the Tabby Cat Club. And Sammy had a great time at his Cat Scouts party. He wore his Harry Pawter costume and he got to ride with his friend Lady Godiva ( Maggie) on her horse. sammypmaggieonhorse

And the best part of the weekend was I saw Grammie ! I love her so very much. And now time for a giveaway. The new Peanuts movie is coming to theaters November 6th so Mom bought this Fall Snoopy fabric to make a catnip mat, but she has been so lazy busy that she still needs to sew it. There will be catnip toys too- a turkey leg and some others. Just comment from today through Wednesday ( you can comment once a day for more chances).

I will announce a winner on Thursday. 017


Purrfectly Purrfect Life at the Acatemy

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am going to review one of the last books that I read with my Lucy. 001

It is a children’s book that I got at a book sale called Purrfectly Purrfect Life at the Acatemy bu Patricia Lauber. Being that my Cat Scout Sammy starts school at Cat Scout University today it seemed fitting.

This book is for ages 8-12 , but I enjoyed it too and would file it under humor in the book store. There are several chapters where the cats write essays about summer vacation and what they want to be. Those were very amusing, similar to the book Cats Letters to Santa .

You can get it on Amazon for 1 cent plus shipping or your library may have it.

See you for Halloween hopping and all the kitty costumes tomorrow.