Selfie Sunday and a Quiz

Hi everyone! Mom actually went outside the other day and got some photos from the garden- mark that on the calendar. I thought it would be fun to have a little quiz to see if you can identify these strange things. I only picked the 2 toughest, just put your answers in the comment section until 9PM EST and anyone that has them correct will be entered in a drawing to win this:

DSCF1575 An adult coloring book ( Dogs and Cats) and a crocheted catnip ice cream cone.

Ready? Here are the photos:

DSCF1557 DSCF1563

DSCF1566 ( not in the quiz, but this is how they Dad plants a lot of stuff)

I will give you some hints- both are edible and they are not weeds. Good Luck!

Don’t tell my Mom, but I went to a party with Joanie this week over at Easy’s and I ended up at the Blogville Police Station with a mug shot.

Suck up Brody has taken to sitting on Mom’s lap. He even took a selfie with the laptop.

Brodyselfie (2)  He really has Mom wrapped around his paw.

My Grammie is going to watch us tomorrow for a few hours. I love my Grammie so very, very much.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.


Mostly Wordless Wednesday



Selfie Sunday and a Giveaway

Hi everyone! I am doing a giveaway today , but first I told Sammy I would tell you about The Cardwood Derby. As you know, he is a Cat Scout and every year they make their own vehicles for a derby. It doesn’t have to be a car so Mom he made a Dr. Who TARDIS.

004Stinky had even helped.

010Sammy says on TV they say it is bigger on the inside, but this one is not. Dad even gave him a spin in it, here is the youtube video:

Here is the giveaway- something for your Mom and Dad and something for you. There is a mini coloring book and scrapbook.

015Extra smelly crocheted toys, I think there is some valerian in these. The pink one is a small pillow and this other one is a “happy pill”. Comment for a chance to win, you can comment daily through Wednesday for more chances.

Grammie is going to watch us 2 days this week, I am so excited! I love her so very much. She was here on Thursday so I did a dance on my pole for her and she gave me a dollar. I would have done it for free, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings and not take the dollar.

007Joanie wants to do a tummy selfie. Cat4-001