Thank you Spooky

Thank you Spooky for choosing us to be your last home. Your original Mom who went to Heaven 10 years ago always said you were “a love” and I can’t think of a better description for you. You truly were a love and we will miss you forever.

DSCF0883DSCF0674024spooky4 spooky6

Spooky FOREVER And thank you Ann for this beautiful badge. Also, thank you to all of you that have left comments, I will respond to you individually soon. I am so blessed to have so many people that care.

Easter Art Saturday

Hi everyone. We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Parade.

Joanie is so excited to have a boyfriend, Simon that she wanted to make some Easter art for him on Photofunia. PhotoFunia-1458937592

And she wants to show off the card that Simon sent her- it is her first card ever. DSCF0887

And Phoebe, never one to be outdone has made one for her Purrince and her Grammie that she loves so very much. PhotoFunia-1458938796

Caturday Art

Pet Parade 137

Better Late than Never

Hi everyone- sorry I am so late. Long story, but I somehow managed to cause a problem with my GoDaddy account. Today is art day, but first we want to let Buddy Budd at Timmy Tomcat know we are praying for him. PurrsPrayers for BuddyBudd

Now for the art. I went to photofunia and used the sepia filter on Prancie so I could join both Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and  Ruckus the Eskie’s Sepia Saturday


Caturday Art

Happy New Year! Guest Post from Cat Scout Felix

Happy 2016 everyone!  We are lucky to have Cat Scout Felix here to start out our year! .  Felixdressed


Hello, Everyone~!  I wish you all a very Happy New Year, filled with good health and good times!  I thought this would be a handy time to post some of my hopes for 2016, and I invite all of you to check out Cat Scouts if you have never visited.  We are an active group of kitties who do good works, share wonderful companionship and mutual support, engage in “higher learning” and pawticipate in some awesome educational and recreational events throughout the year.

We are sure since you follow the 15 and Meowing kitties that you are already active in  feline rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing efforts around the country.  For those of you who might not yet be engaged in any of those activities, we urge you to do so!  We cats can really make a difference when our humane activities and advocacy are shared across the social media platforms.  Yes, YOUR VOICE can make a difference in improving the lives of stray and feral kitties, foster and rescue programs,card2 and emergency relief during natural or man-made disasters.

If you’re already involved in any of these efforts, tell a friend and try to get more peeps and kitties involved!  If you’re a little hesitant because you “don’t have time, or aren’t sure what’s needed,” just jump in and get involved in your neighborhood, your state or your region.  Feline advocates around the world are very articulate and outspoken, so your voice will really count!  Your involvement with or support of rescue and advocacy efforts near you will be so rewarding to you and the beneficiaries!~

I hope for warm hearts and homes for all of the outdoor kitties who will be in distress this Winter.  I hope when there is a humane issue in your community, YOU let your voice be heard.  I hope for peace throughout the world, where our fellow animals suffer along with their humans due to war and other upheavals.

Wishing all of you purrs and rubs for a wonderful 2016!


Thank you for a great post Felix. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2016! Be sure to comment for a chance to win this Grumpy Cat stuff- and of course, I will add in some crocheted toys. 004




Goodbye Isadora

It brought tears to my eyes when I read that sweet Isadora of Critters in the Cottage had gone to The Bridge. I knew her medicine had been increased as much as it could be recently and I prayed she would have more time with her loving family. Isadora was so full of love for everyone- rest in peace precious one.

Isadora, Forever

If you haven’t already visited, I am sure her grieving family would appreciate your sympathies.

Goodbye My Sweet Lucy

Over the Rainbow Bridge, Lucy

        1/1/1999- 9/11/2015

I love my Lucy so I let her go to the bridge yesterday. It wasn’t right to let her slowly starve so I could have her longer. My heart is broken. I may take a few days off from blogging and I will eventually get caught up on everyone’s blogs. Thank you all for your purrs and prayers and kind words. And thank you Ann of Zoolatry for this beautiful graphic.


Guest Post by Cat Scout Maggie

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are lucky to have Cat Scout Maggie here to tell us a story.

Hi, folks!  Scout Maggie here again with you.  32--Maggie-Hat

Today I’d like to tell a story that our mom shared with us when we were young, as a way of guiding us to be good kitties!


Our mom has had cats since she was 8 years old, and as all of you kitties know, we have lots of curiosity.  Sometimes it gets the best of us, and makes our nine lives flash by very quickly!

Pumpkin was such a cat.  Born on Halloween night, she was from a litter of three.  She was very small and didn’t always get the prime nursing ops, so she was a feisty fighter from the get-go.  From the time she was weaned and big enough to start exploring the house, she’d often try to bolt out the door, and once she disappeared for several days.  Our mom lived in an semi-urban area outside of Washington DC that still had small farms in the neighborhood.

Pumpkin had decided to investigate one of these farms, and our mom found her on the second floor of a barn, poking her head out the window when she heard our mom’s voice.

Pumpkin1After that episode, our mom was extra-careful and Pumpkin behaved for many years.  Her next adventure was on a horse farm where our mom then lived.  One day Pumpkin was out prowling just as mom let some of her dogs out to play.  They corned Pumpkin, who found a convenient tree to climb!  She stayed up there until the coast was clear.  The dogs were OK with mom’s cats inside the house, but once outside, cats were prey!!

The big adventure came several years after that when our mom was on a trip to Florida from her home near Washington DC.  This was in February.  Mom travelled in a large RV with her pets, which at that time included cats and Jack Russell Terriers, which she used to show.  When mom arrived at her destination in West Palm Beach FL, she exited the RV to do some errands.  Pumpkin had been awaiting her chance to bolt out, after a 14 hour trip!!

The RV was parked at a large equestrian facility that encompassed at least thirty acres and abutted heavily wooded lands and drainage ditches containing much of the wild life Florida is famous for!  Our mom searched the grounds time and again over the next several days, and even checked out the neighboring residential streets.  In this particular part of West Palm Beach, known as the town of Wellington, each residence comprises several acres and many small horse farms.  Our mom put up signs and posters and spread the word about her missing cat.  She had a large network of friends who were all animal lovers, so her hopes were high that Pumpkin would be found.

Many people called to say they had spotted her, but she was never there when mom followed up on the leads.  Finally, after several days, mom had to return to Washington, sadly without Pumpkin.

Over the next several months, mom continued to get calls about Pumpkin sightings.  She made two more trips (1100 miles one-way), but never found any sign of Pumpkin.  She visited all of the local animal shelters and continued to spread the world about her dear cat.  Mom returned to Washington (by now it was April), and was nearly resigned to never finding her cat again.

Calls continued to come in, and near the end of May, one caller was actually a friend from the horse world who reported that a cat fitting Pumpkin’s description had been hanging out on their terrace for the last few days, and they were feeding her and giving her water.  They said she looked ragged and thin, but responded to their care and attention.  They had plenty of shade around their house and barn, so felt pretty confident that with feeding, Pumpkin would stay nearby.

Our mom made her fourth trip to Wellington on Memorial Day weekend, and went immediately to the property in question (which was behind the large aforementioned equestrian facility).  She parked the RV and went to meet her friends.  They said, “Oh Pumpkin was just here for lunch!  She went around the corner,” and they pointed to a treed area behind their house.

Our mom tiptoed around the corner, and her beloved Pumpkin was sitting in the middle of some plants, as if she knew salvation was at hand.  Never one to let herself be picked up, Pumpkin sat perfectly still while mom reached down to get her.  Such a reunion left mom and the cat totally breathless and speechless!

Mom took Pumpkin back to the nice, cool RV where she could get re-aquainted with her furry pals from home while mom thanked her friends for providing shelter and food for her.Pumpkin3

Then it was time to head for home, but mom  had a minor collision accident two miles down the road.  She was so elated at having found her lost cat that she wasn’t paying attention, and backed the RV into a telephone pole.  Upon inspection, the rear wall of the RV had come dislodged, and  was basically hanging by two screws.  This, with an 1100 mile trip ahead!!  Those two screws were all that kept Pumpkin and her furry pals inside the RV!

Our mom drove to a nearby RV full-service shop which she had used on prior trips, and they said they’d need to keep the rig for at least one month in order to replace the door and do other repairs caused by the collision.

This was on a holiday weekend, but mom managed to find a station wagon to lease for the long trip home.  Exhausted and just wanting to get her cat checked out by the vet, mom now faced an 1100 mile trip home with 4 cats and 6 dogs in the car!  They arrived home safely, and Pumpkin went to the vet on the next open day.  She tested negative for Heartworm (the biggest fear), had only minor parasites, and apart from some weight loss and faded fur, she was found to be fit as a fiddle.

At the time she disappeared, Pumpkin was 11 years old.  She lived another 6 years in peace and harmony, and never once ever tried to go outside!

Pumpkin2Pumpkin, right,  with her friend Magic

 Never underestimate the power of hope!