Wordless Wednesday

Prancie prefers her venison bbq’d instead of baked.

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65 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Mom likes to see deer too, but not Dad because they get into the garden, He doesn’t hunt now though, a neighbor supplied this. 🙂

  1. Effie here. . .It seems to me that Prancie shows a marked preference for barbecue, and she is blessed with wonderful sympathetic people who will barbecue her venison for her. I get Fancy Beast Chicken and Purina Naturals kibbles–I like them ok, but your food sure looks tasty! I never knew there was such a thing as barbecue–my people don’t do it. My dad grills fish in a skillet though. Now that my mom has seen what you get, she’ll lobby for me to get a bit of my dad’s fish. My mom loves fishing but she can’t eat fish, and she doesn’t like other meat.

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