Friendly Fill-Ins Week 40

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins Week 40. Please add your link at McGuffy’s Reader. You can also answer in the comment section.

1. My favorite kind of cookie is _______________________.
2. ___________________________ would play me in a movie about my life.

3. Love is                            .

4. For Valentine’s Day, I                                .
My answers:
1. My favorite kind of cookie is a big sugar cookie sold at Barnes and Noble’s cafe.
2. I wish it would be Sandra Bullock, but unless I lose weight, Melissa McCarthy would play me in a movie about my life.
3.Love is a rescued cat.
4. For Valentine’s Day, I always think of my grandfather and how he used to buy the heart shaped boxes of chocolates for my Gramma, Mom, sister and I.


60 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-Ins Week 40

  1. I need to try that cookie! We have no bookstores in my area anymore. It is pretty sad.
    I love Melissa McCarthy! She has lost quite a bit of weight since she started making movies more. I miss her TV show, though. Love is any rescued critter! Your Grandpa sounds like my Grampy! Great memory, my friend! Love you! HUGS!

    • The cookie is amazing- especially with caramel latte . 🙂 Have you seen American Housewife? The sister on Mike and Molly is the main character, it is very funny. XO

  2. 1. My favorite kind of cookie is Greenies SmartBites.
    2. Beyonce would turn into a cat and play me in a movie about my life. Of course she’s not a cat though but I think she’s stunning. TW was once told she looked like Lily Tomlin. MOL
    3. Love is my Buzz Lucas. I wish he hadn’t run off to the RB.
    4. For Valentine’s Day, I do new Valentine’s art for my blog.

    • Thank you for your answers, I love learning more about you. I am sorry that Buzz went to the Bridge. I look forward to seeing your Valentine’s art.

  3. Ellen, I like Sandra Bullock. We watch “Two Weeks Notice” last weekend. It’s a good romantic comedy with Bullock and Hugh Grant but my favorite flick of her’s is The Proposal. That’s just hilarious. What a sweet memory you have of your grandfather! Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are a lot of fun. We used to buy those for the children when they were young. Thanks for sharing & hosting the Fill-ins fun!

  4. What fantastic fill-ins! I’ve only ever once been told that I look like a famous actress, and that was Sandra Bullock. Although I certainly don’t see the resemblance, I am a fan of hers, so it was flattering regardless. Your #3 is purrfect! And what a lovely memory you have of your grandfather. He sounds like he was a wonderful man. Happy Friday to all of you!

    • That is flattering to be told you look like Sandra Bullock. My grandfather was nice, I wish I had longer to know him as he passed away when I was 15.

  5. Oh, #1 sounds so yummy! Yes, yes, yes to #3! I just love your #4. That is a sweet memory of your grandfather. I’m sure you’ll always carry that in your heart.

  6. Oh I used to love getting those heart-shaped boxes of candy for Valentine’s Day…….and a little stuffed animal of some kind – that was a family tradition for us growing up too. Love is a rescued cat indeed and I hope to at least ADOPT one this weekend!

    Love, Pam

  7. Now I’ll be thinking all day about what my favorite cookies is. I don’t think I have one. I can do ice cream though. Cold Stones Coffee Lovers. That’s my favorite ice cream.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. guyz…yur mom haz sum grate answerz two day….we thinked sure tho her wooda picked lucy for number 2 ~ 🙂

    de food gurlz gram maw all wayz buyed all de gran kidz thoz heartz boxez ♥♥

    heerz two a green spotted puffer kinda week oh end two all !! ♥♥♥

    • I was going for someone still alive plus I don’t have red hair 🙂 That was sweet that food service girls Gramma used to buy those Valentine’s.Have a great weekend too! XO

  9. 1. My favorite kind of cookie is at cat sandwich (me between two cats!)
    2. Jamie Lee Curtis would play me in a movie about my life.
    3. Love is a purring cat.
    4. For Valentine’s Day, I give The Hubby a big ol’ smooch!…and all the kitties too! But that’s the same everyday…

  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaaw Dat’s so sweet awnty Ellen. Mommy’s never gottan a box of chocolates. But she did get roses once. Mommy says Valentine’s Day is just another day. She doesn’t like to think on da romantic stuffs much. She says she’s never really had anythin’ like it. But da kinda luv we have is a holiday everyday. Hope you get somethin’ nice. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  11. Hi Guys! Mes going to lets Mommy answer first!!!
    1. My favorite kind of cookie is Chocolate Macaroons! But for this Valentine’s Day, I am making Egg and Dairy Free Sugar Cookies for our company Bake Sale.
    2. Hmm, I would like Madonna to play me in a movie about my life. But she would have to gain at least 60 pounds….
    3. Love is Nellie Bellie!
    4. For Valentine’s Day, I am not doing anything special…but I am hoping my room make whips up another of his delicious dishes!
    Now for Nellie’s
    1. My favorite kind of cookie is Home Made kitty cookies! Mommy has not made any in a long time. She makes them from pate cat food.
    2. Artimis (from Sailor Moon) would play me in a movie about my life.
    3. Love is Mommy giving mes Freeze Dried SAMON!!!
    4. For Valentine’s Day, Mes hoping our room mate cooks up one of his delishous dinners! He gives mes treats when hes cooking!

    • Thank you both for your answers I love learning more about both of you. This roommate sounds very nice-cooking is a plus. I hope the bake sale goes well and that you get freeze dried salmon. XO

  12. 1. My favorite kind of cookie is chocolate chunk with macadamia nuts…or is it Peanutbutter with more of those nuts…who knows, we don’t eat those anymore unless we think we can get away with cheating:)
    2. No idea who would play me in a movie about my life. I have never given that any thought. Sometimes when I introduce myself to a new resident, I tlee them my name is Ingrid…but I am *not* Ingrid Bergman, MOL!!

    3. Love is all my furries curled up on or near me! .
    4. For Valentine’s Day, I have 2 doctor appointments this year…sigh…so…I am being taken out to dinner!! Hmmm, are there paleo friendly restaurants in our area? Yup!! Hooray! Pipo & Minko have had Minnie and Penny from Catster as their long time yearly Valentines:) .

    • Thank you for your answers, I enjoyed them. That is great that Pipo have had the same Valentine’s since Catster. I agree love is the furries near us. I hope you have a great Valentine’s dinner, I am sure it is OK to not have Paleo on special days.

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