T is for Toto and Tortitude

Hi everyone! Today is T day in The A-Z Blogging Challenge and we have 2 T’s for you.


First, Penny highly recommends Tortitude by Ingrid King. Penny definitely has Tortitude and anyone with a Tortie knows what that means.

I also want to recommend a local celebrity. Toto The Tornado Kitten. Almost 5 years ago, there was a tornado in a nearby town and a little kitten was found in a tree by a rescue worker. The kitten was too small for him to keep at the time, but later, his wife surprised him by adopting Toto. He has 2 children’s books and visits local libraries and schools. I had the pleasure of meeting him last summer, to see photos of that click here. All the money from the books goes to local shelters and as of last summer $56,000 had been raised.

I am also joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop . I am displaying all the beautiful images that were made for Spooky. I hope to have an angel page set up in the very near future. Thank you again everyone for your love and support.

Caturday Art

Spooky FOREVER  from Ann of Zoolatry

Spookybadge  from Pipo and Minko of WebeesSiameezers

spooky7  from Toby and family of DoggieCaperz



63 thoughts on “T is for Toto and Tortitude

  1. Penny looks like she knows a good book when she sees one
    I am so sorry to be late with condolences for your Spooky, who was a good-looking mancat (a beautiful black boy, just like me!) and he was smart too, for choosing not just one but TWO wonderful Humans to share his life with and take care of. We think he must’ve met up with Mr. Teeth and Clarkie at the Bridge by now–they’ve been there awhile so they’ll show him all the best spots, where he’ll never lose sight of his family still here on earth. The Human says she knows all her Kitties Who Came Before take shifts keeping an eye on us. We know all the rest of you kitties over there will have to take extra good care of your Humans for the next while because they’ll be sad for a time and they’ll need to feel all your purrs. I’ll add mine too. XOXOXO

  2. I am definitely interested in the book about Tortitude, being a Tortie myself!

    What with Friday’s Hoohawectomy, book reviewing, and Houston’s weather, we are playing catch up with the news about beautiful Spooky and Sneakers, Friday and I wish to sent lots of purrs and purrayers your way and join Daddy Kiril with condolences for your loss.

    • Thank you for your condolences. I hope you get to see Tortitude, I got mine from the library, I bet yours will have it too.

  3. Those are some mighty nice graphics of Spooky. We sure send lots of hugs. We so understand your pain of losing Spooky. Have a good week end.

  4. I won Tortitude from Mudpie and Melissa, and I love it! And Toto sounds like he has such an amazing story to tell, so I’ll definitely be looking him up.

    The images of Spooky are precious. He lived such a wonderful life with you, and please never forget that, Ellen. Many purrs and prayers to you!

  5. I love the Spooky tributes … wish I had skill with that sort of thing. Alas, I do not. However, I think I’m a halfway decent writer and each book in my Sea Purrtector series is dedicated to a pet, who has gone over the rainbow. I am currently writing Me-YEOW!, which takes place in India and I would love to dedicate it to Spooky.

  6. Lookin good there Penny an that book soundss like itt iss full of good advice fur Tortie ownerss…..mee birth Mumma an Aunty are Tortiess…. 😉
    An mee reememburrss LadyMum meowin to mee about Toto thee Kat!! Hee iss a sir-vye-vur fur sure!
    ***paw kissesss*** to all there an xtra fur mee Phoebe gurl 😉
    Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Both of these books sound great too. More going on my TBR list!
    If your doorbell rings unexpectedly one day…it’s just me, coming to visit and peruse your bookshelves!

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